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23 November 2012
Take $50 off Thank You Sale at Founders Tradin' Post

Thank You From Founders Tradin’ Post, Take $50 Off This Christmas Season!

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Please use the attached coupon code “THANKYOU” to take $50 off purchase of $200 or more, you may also take $20 off any order of $100-$200 using the code “FOUNDERS76” !!

Mandeville, LA – This Christmas marks the 9th year the Founders Tradin’ Post has been in business. We began in a remodeled real estate appraisal office on Kirby St in downtown Lake Charles, LA. The business wasthen called “The DudeGear Store” and the first item we sold was a baseball cap bearing the old “KD” KingDude logo. Through 2 location changes and 9 years the store has remained a small, family operation now run by Candace Church who moonlights as Mike’s wife (or maybe vice versa)!

The DudeGear Store was relaunched this June as “The Founders Tradin’ Post” and for the first time has gained focus and is now pursuing the goal of becoming THE 1 stop shop for [re]publican themed merchandise including our line of movies from Founding Father Films and books chosen by Mike Church for their importance to the education and enlightenment of all Americans.

To thank you, our loyal and valued customers many of whom have become dear friends, for supporting our business please use the attached coupon code “THANKYOU” to take $50 off purchase of $200 or more from now until the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ – Jesum Cristum – aka Christmas.

And for those spending less than $200 but more than $100 please use the discount code “FOUNDERS76”  and take $20 off your purchases.

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