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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
12 April 2017

The Mike Church Show Episode 340 Podcast: “We LOVE War Because We’re A War-Like People”

Mandeville, LA – New Poll: We LOVE War Because We’re A War-Like People – A fresh out today, CBS poll shows that a whopping 57% of ‘Muricans approve of lobbing Tomahawk missiles into sovereign countries we are not at war with. But wait, that’s not the real news. A near unity of Republicans, 84%, say USA! USA!, the strikes in Syria are star-spangled awesome. Recall that the GOP is supposed to be the party wherein resides all our illustrious, Christian, “strict-constructionist, “constitutional”, “conservatives”. Anyone holding out hope that there remains a political solution to reigning in this out of control, menacing hulk of a “country”, take these poll results and your own personal experiences of late into account. When Richard Weaver wrote that “ideas have consequences” he was thinking about the erroneous pseudo-philosophy of phony morality and patriotism called Americanism, now fully on display and seemingly unstoppable. This Holy Week, I pray for a Divine response to our madness.

Bomb Away, It’s OK! The Chinese Understood! – der Trumpissar explains that when he accepted Ivanka’s suggestion to bomb Syria it was ok because [Chinese Prez] “he understood [what we were doing] immediately”! Well, that settles it. Getting an ok from the leader of a country that forces women to abort their babies if they are the wrong sex, that is the kind of glowing endorsement that makes America’s illegal, lethal bombing campaigns Great Again! Carry on citizen, nothing to see here, move along.

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