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12 July 2014

This Day In Founding Fathers History – 12 July

This Day In Founding Fathers History – 12 July

12 militiamenOn this day in 1780, the Battle of Huck’s Defeat was fought in Brattonsville, South Carolina. British Lieutenant Colonel George Turnbull instructed Captain Christian Huck to capture Captain John McClure and Colonel William Bratton at their homes. When he arrived at McClure’s, McClure had already left but Huck captured McClure’s brother and brother-in-law and sentenced them to be hanged and then set fire to the home. He proceeded to Bratton’s home ten miles away when Bratton and McClure received word of Huck’s plans and made their own plans to intercept him. Meanwhile, Huck arrived at Bratton’s and interrogated the wife, and tradition states that the wife sent message to Bratton and McClure via a trusted slave. That night Huck and his men camped at the neighboring home, the Williamson Plantation. While Huck and his men were fast asleep, Bratton and McClure caught up with Huck and made plans to attack at daybreak. As the sun rose on 12 July, Huck and his Loyalists were ambushed by the Patriot forces. The battle lasted a mere ten minutes, with Huck being fatally shot along with three dozen of his men, 30 more wounded, and many taken prisoner. 1

12 Huck's Defeat

On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress heard the draft of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, read by the committee who prepared it. The committee consisted of 13 men and was chaired by John Dickinson. Copies were ordered to be made for each member of the congress. It wasn’t for another five years that the Articles of Confederation would be ratified and in force. 2


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  1. Brian Bridges

    I admire and long for the “re” drafting of Articles of Confederation. I think they got it right the first time, no president, no supreme court, and no House of Representing within a 10 mile square. Problems solved (chuckling)

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