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(Audio) Mandeville, LA - This audio clip begins with the KingDude introducing one of thegreat economists and thinkers of our day, Mr. Robert Higgs and his book"Crisis In Leviathan". Higgs is credited with coining the term,'ratchet effect', which is still obviously with us today consideringyou had to click on the purple title containing both the words'ratchet' and 'effect'.

If you're asking yourself what the ratcheteffect is then feel free to let the magic airwaves of this radio showexplain further for you. The way the ratchet effect works is when theGovernment identifies something that it determines is a crisis, theythen devise an intricate Government program filled with bureaucrats,agencies, agents, policies, taxes and so on and so forth until you gettired of reading run-on sentences. The next step is to legislate, which often times enlarges the State and magically and mystically the problem never gets solved - but at least it isn't a crisis anymore because the Government has taken it over. Phew!

Sowhat you have here is the 'ratchet' ladies and gentleman - youessentially ratchet up the crisis, also known as creating said crisis,then they install Government as the solution and begin to ratchet upthe spending, ratchet up amount of control, ratchet the confiscation ofpeople's rights and responsibilities essentially selling them to theGovernment. Then as suddenly as the crisis had appeared it no longerbecomes deemed a crisis. Why? Well that's because Government, in all ofit's valiant glory, has stepped in and with one mighty swoop of theall-knowing arm (or wand) it has magically and mystically fixedabsolutely nothing. What a crock huh?

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