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War-Hungry GOP Wants To Spend Money On War But Not To Feed The Children

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Since you’re not going to end the program, and since you’re not going to end all manner of foreign transfer payments, whether it’s foreign aid or Bernyankme shoveling money off to banks in foreign lands, since none of this is going to stop, why in dude’s holy name would you allow this to be branded as and to come at the expense of women, infants, and children?  Can’t you find a base somewhere of the hundreds of bases we have across the known universe and close one of them to save the $214 million and spare the women, infants, and children?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  “House GOP sets up fight with Obama on CFTC, food aid.”  This is worthy of playing “Right-Wingers Get Stoned” because right-wingers must be stoned in order to pursue this.


House Republicans rolled out a $19.5 billion agriculture spending bill Tuesday [Mike: Note they still want to spend the money.] that deals back-to-back blows to President Barack Obama’s reform agenda for food aid overseas and the financial markets at home.

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Mike Church Show Transcript: McCain And Co. Are Determined To Make War In Syria

Mike:  I wonder how many Americans would raise their hand or would check a box on their W2 form every year: Check this box if you want some of your withholding to go to Ethiopia from your friends at the State Department, in other words foreign aid.  Or would you rather go to your local church and go: Oh, there’s a mission next month going to Africa.  We’ve got machine gun preacher Gerard Butler going with us.  We’re going to bring some of our food over there.  No, we don’t need the government to launder the money, we’re actually going to do that ourselves.  That’s not how charity is done anymore, is it?  No siree Bob, we hire large military aircraft.  Oh, we don’t hire them, we just order them.  Get those containers of USDA cheese and we’ll drop them over there in the middle of the desert somewhere.  Make sure you put a thank you card on there, too…

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