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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
16 July 2013

Live Chat with Mike Church For July History, Q & A & More!


Hey Folks, welcome to the live chat, hosted by Sirius XM’s Mike Church, providing live commentary & analysis Tonight during State of the Union Address, the DeceptiCON & Tea Party responses!

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  • Alan Bennett says:

    Ohhhh all the goodies, and it wont cost one red cent

  • Chiludo says:

    “usurper in cheat ” how about equipping our people withn guns??

  • Mark Hayes says:

    So Obama is for a flat tax?

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Here’s hoping His Highness will at least address that important issue of horsemeat in the lasagne!

  • joe michel says:

    Hello fellow little r’s

  • eric9dodge says:

    I use an iPad and can’t seem to get to the chat…. system issue or operator error?

  • Sid Wells says:

    I l iterally believe I’m about to throw up. If this is what it has come to I no longer want to be a part of it.

  • Minoritywhiteguy says:

    Mike – please start educating us, your listeners, on all the things we need to consider when seceding. Not just the currency and where the capitol will sit (for groups of states), but also for what happens to the seceding states’ portion of the current US federal debt…

  • Bill says:

    Live stream Mike Church show

  • John Vineyard says:

    Howdy patriots

  • Dallon says:

    Not being from a swing state (Wyoming), I used the out of town excuse not to vote this cycle. My wife is a Democrat, I’m a (r)epublican. We almost divorced four years ago. But that is the excuse. The reason us this. I can not support either candidate. Hopefully a new party will arrive, the citizens will come to their senses, or the GOP will come to their senses before the next election.

    • jaycue says:

      IMO, both fellows will expand government, for different albeit un-constitutional causes. Romney has more war in store: Israel’s nuclear weapons don’t seem to count. Obama will feel mandated to execute his health care plan, damn the costs and who might pay them. Either way, we lose more freedom…

  • Dallon says:

    Couldn’t find your chat, mike. Hope it was great. Fill me in at the start of your XM radio program.

  • Tom says:

    Easy time today to vote no for more state charter schools. It takes away local control to approve or disapprove of charter schools. Take away local control is not a little r idea.

  • stateofgeorgiateaparty says:

    SOGTP = Bill Evelyn is here. Whassup homeys?

  • kaythd67 says:

    Great chat… terrible debate… so sad for the Constitution & Freedom. Thank you for all you do ~ always the leader in teaching us about out Founding & what the intent of our Founders was.Love your movies and audios & wear your T-shirts all the time ~ Greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Darren Kenny says:

    Greatest threat facing America ? Our own Gvmnt !! “Terrorist networks” abroad, which reqiured the Nat. Defense Auth. Act @ home allowing for the use of drones w/in the contigous USA, warentless search & seizures, unlawfull arrests, indefinite detaimnent, no bail, U know routine stuff to ensure that we’re all safe, right?

  • says:

    Gee! Romney has a bigger flag pin than der Feuhrer.

  • dottiem says:

    Of course Small Business is at a standstill…. we are scared of what is going to happen if O gets re-elected!!!Oh and hire another 100K of teachers …..###&%%^*&….. who will pay for them after the almighty Fed Gov leaves them in the states!!!!!

  • Shawn Miller says:

    Hello, All –

    How are you enjoying the debate? Sure would have been nice to have some 3rd party candidates.

  • Scott Messina says:

    I guess the live chat is not supported on an iPad. There is no chat bar at the bottom or the top of the page.

  • steve harvey says:

    Mike, Your chat does not work with Chrome or Firefox. You should make a not on your page.

  • steve harvey says:

    Really this has to be the hardest chat to get into I have ever seen. It shouldn’t be that hard, for the love of Dudes name wth

  • CDFagan says:

    Dear Readers,

    I am perplexed (interpreted as amazed for some) that the future of these United States of America (interpreted as AMERICA for most of us except TKD) will be decided by either those “challenged” voters (interpreted as independent), handout voters (interpreted as the 47 percenters(democrats)) or those holding to their “moral” values (interpreted as independent or libertarian or Ron Paul voters). Go ahead, vote “your conscience”. We will get what America (interpreted as the(se) U.S. of A. or WE) deserve. I honestly believe that some in the political pundit media (TKD) consider an Obama victory the best thing that could happen since it would force such amazing hardship that the people will rise up and revolt. I am not so positive that the American people (53%) will rise up and “throw off such government”. These folks (47 %) actually believe (rely) in (on) the nanny state.

    • TheKingDude says:

      I surmise that TKD is abbreviation for “The KingDude” thuis wonder where Mr Fagan collected his crystal ball’s worth of insight? I have never said and have even chastised those who wish for an Obama victory to “hasten the end”. I even quoted Edmund Burke in this endeavor “so long as your country has a pulse the patriot has a duty to breathe life into her.” Fagan appears to be one of the citizens who have determined that “this is the election of our lifetime” or as I call them “Mr/Mrs Election of Our Lifetimers” and thus has self anointed themselves with moral supremacy. What is moral about giving sanction to either 2 major party candidates who pledge on a daily basis to continue the killing of the innocent in foreign lands, torture of the yet to be found guilty and sentencing to debt slavery to the yet to be born?

  • freeper7 says:

    Fox Business News poll: Romney 86%, Obama 14%!

  • freeper7 says:

    Wall to wall lies from the messiah…

  • Don McGee says:

    Now Mr. Romney wants a trade war with China???????”

  • Don McGee says:

    I guess the government can train people to run a post office or railways?????????

  • blakie says:

    I’ve tried to get to this chat for nearly an hour… I see nothing else to access/authenticate to once I use my FP login… I cannot watch this mess but certainly would love to use my FP membership to see the commentary… Oh well – there’s other advantages that I know how to reliably use my FP membership… Hope y’all have fun…

  • SargeInKaty says:

    Spontaneous reaction to video my eye. Seems like Mr. Obama side stepped the issue. I don’t recall any news stations reporting the President to have said that this was an act of terror.

  • John Vineyard says:

    Ow , another uppercut by Romney

  • Eric Puylara says:

    Dang Tomcat server is down, will not let me join chat. BOO!!!

  • tqueenbee says:

    Go Romney Go!! Glad to hear him mention Reagan!!

  • Robert Silecchio says:

    Is any one counting Obama’s lies?

  • John Vineyard says:

    Another big bird reference

  • John Vineyard says:

    Obama is reaching right now

  • tqueenbee says:

    Obama still has that irritating swagger…I can’t believe there are people who buy into his lies about his own record. He is delusional.

  • sagower says:

    When will either one of these guys talk about cutting spending?

  • frlarryg says:

    Obama thinks the answer to pay equity for women is giving women a legal club to wield. Romney thinks the answer is to give women opportunities in a growing economy where employees have the advantage in the hiring game.

  • Cicero says:

    He didn’t just say Big Bird…. Ha ha!

  • Don McGee says:

    Mr. Romney sounds like he wants the government to train workers! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Don McGee says:

    How about lowering tax rates for everyone. Sounds fair to me!

  • Tim Butler says:

    is the King Dude here?

  • Tim Butler says:

    less taxes is good

  • Don McGee says:

    Romney, wants to raise taxes also, Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhj

  • Tim Butler says:

    Taxes, taxes….how about cutting spending

  • freeper7 says:

    I heard someone today say Obama is a pathological liar. Proof is now on display…

  • dariaschooler says:

    chat overload

  • Tim Butler says:

    they are paying more for gas because the dollar is worth less

  • Tim Butler says:

    drilling more on public lands…Obama is a joke

  • Donna Shirk says:

    Hi All, Lancaster County, PA here

  • Jblack17 says:

    Obama. No money. NO hope.

  • Don McGee says:

    Mr. Romney is bragging about his support for ethanol, Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Donna Shirk says:

    Aleady lame answers WOWgiving businesses relief from all the regulations and get rid of obamacare would’t build confidence in getting jobs

  • Tim Butler says:

    end the epa….drill drill

  • Don McGee says:

    Mr. Obama is bragging about his contributions to the coal industry and the oil and gas industry! Ha Ha

  • Don McGee says:

    Mr. Obama, what has been squeezing middle class families has Ben rising taxes,

  • Don McGee says:

    Mr. Obama won’t give up on his bankrupt alternative energy crony companies! He wants to squander more of your children’s future on them!

  • frlarryg says:

    I benefited from a small scholarship as an undergrad, and a teaching assistantship in grad school. I know it’s hard to work your way through college, but I think it’s essential to combine work with study when you’re young.

  • nrewerts says:

    Let the lies begin!

  • Ken Johnson says:

    Never mind thanks anyhow. I figured it out!!!

  • Ken Johnson says:

    I have the one day pass. Can I use firefox or do I need IE?
    I do not see the chat bar at the bottom of this page.

  • Ken Johnson says:

    Is this the debate chat ?
    Had trouble getting in last time.

  • freeper7 says:

    Ron Paul has assumed the role of Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty. That’s a good thing!

  • Michael Lemons says:

    Saying hi from PA…

  • welltester says:

    Dr. Ron Paul will be on CNBC shortly.

  • Jennifer Brown says:

    “…stand up if you’re still sane. You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb it into peace.” (Regards, Mr. Franti). I’m looking forward to foreign policy!

  • dariaschooler says:

    Fired up, ready to go! No beer tonight, doing surgery on a spine patient at 0730 tomorrow morning!

  • Ann says:

    Look forward to debate chat

  • Nancy Melcher says:

    Wait= what

  • Nancy Melcher says:

    Can’t wait to hear wait Mike says about the VP debate in the morning

  • Nancy Melcher says:

    I wish Uncle Joe would quit interrupting

  • James says:

    I can’t watch this it is like 2 on 1 against Ryan and they won’t get Joe the blow hard to shut up long enough to let Ryan speak

  • robert says:

    Still. Who is going to pay the overdraw

  • David Harmon says:

    unions endorse democrats? go figure

  • robert says:

    Nice to see Mr biden is smiling. While his telling His tuths about how well he has ran the country

  • Daran says:

    All of this intro – why won’t someone just say: shouldn’t have been there!

  • mike schober says:

    Who is “the intelligence community”?

  • Troy Lizenby says:

    “My friend” Bidden says

  • Ana Avramidis says:

    What word from Biden is tonight’s “do a shot” word? The 3 letter word, “jobs” is too easy…..

  • fewenuff says:

    Ok where is the chat?

  • Allen says:

    I think Rom killed him. Fig speaking

  • Daniel Priego says:

    Romney was strong tonight but Obama had the edge by telling lie after lie.


  • Brenda says:

    Can anyone describe the pin on Obama’s lapel … it does NOT look like an American flag.

  • John Livingston says:

    Can’t see it either, rory.

  • Carl Braden says:

    Numbers and facts will win this debate. When will we ever get rid of the lesser of two evils choices for canidates?

  • DrB says:

    anyone home? Mike? Moderator asleep?

  • Confederatesteel says:

    not seeing it either

  • Lea Casares says:

    Did #Romney just call #Obama “Bro” ???

  • Gary Thompson says:

    I have yet to find the chat button

  • DrB says:

    i think we are the only ones here yours is the first comment since my previous 3

  • William C. Slatton says:

    I’m not seeing much

  • Lea Casares says:

    Starts in 9 min

  • terri.chapman says:

    Obama’s “answers” put me in mind of “Miss South Carolina answers a question” video …

  • William C. Slatton says:

    Lets go.

  • Rory Martin says:

    is anyone else not seeing the chat??

  • Confederatesteel says:

    Obama talks in circles

  • Cindy says:

    You there Mike? I purposefully stayed awake to join this conversation!

  • samtemporary says:

    Here we go again.

  • Cindy says:

    Hello (r)epublicans too!

  • DrB says:

    fed gov training programs article 1 section 11

  • Confederatesteel says:

    Dollars to the states. States rights, please

  • Liberty37 says:

    Why do progressives speak against trickle down/top down business when that is exactly their model? The difference is that they want it to trickle down from the government and we want it to trickle down from the successful private citizens.

  • Ron Johnson says:

    Who is paying for all those teachers? Most public school systems are broke.

  • Alan High says:

    Education….like talking without using a prompter.

    His answer basically said more jobs for teachers….and then he lied about everything else.

  • DrB says:

    fed gov causes high college tuition

  • DrB says:

    where in article 2 does it say the prez is in charge of jobs

  • Jan Leyland says:

    Hey everyone.

  • Alan High says:

    Housing?? Roaring car sales? Where? Standard campaign canard.

  • matt townsend says:

    what maroon scheduled a debate for this day? the head maroon gets to blather about that now…

  • Alan high says:

    Jim looks like the apple shrink heads you see at fairs in the fall.

  • Liberty37 says:

    Any chance monetary policy will be discussed?

  • Liberty37 says:

    Hello fellow liberty lovers.

  • Eric catman says:

    Is this the Chat?

  • paulchjr says:

    Hello [r]epublicans

  • terri.chapman says:

    RMoney vs. allOurmoney

  • Robert Jeffries says:

    Please lets talk about the check book. They live like it never going to end. I like the discussion that Mr church had about property. Taxs and why people who don’t pay them should have I vote or say good job

  • Jeff Ameen says:

    I’ve secured my head with enough duct tape to prevent my head from exploding. T-minus 20 minutes til the farce begins. I’d be there taking shots with you Jeff, but I’m already doing shots of ny-quil for my cold.

  • fewenuff says:

    Continuing with the fight night theme. A preliminary bout has Wil, I hate social media, vs Mike Church THE KING DUDE. Just kidding Wil, I understand social media is the biggest business scam going not to mention the threats to liberty and personal OPSEC it represents. What? You like my tin foil hat? I resemble that remark. c-:>

  • fewenuff says:

    Jeff, you had better make that an eye dropper full for each. You’ll probably still only make to 930. Let’s get ready to [rrrrrrrr]umble!

  • Andrew Rugzie says:

    I can’t wait for this. Mike, thank you for doing this!

  • Adam Kennard says:

    Any way to access the chat from my android phone?

  • Adam Kennard says:

    If you like to talk facts I feel bad for you son.
    Obama’s gonna say a lot of things but the truth ain’t one.

  • stateofgeorgiateaparty says:

    King Dude is there a radio station that the blathering will be broadcast? I’ve got my bottle of bourbon on the back porch chatting.

  • DrB says:

    Good evening little r republicans. Is everyone as excited as I am to see Romney draw a clear distinction between himself and Obama? (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

  • Brad says:

    I’m taking bets on over/under of Jeff making it past opening statements!

  • Jeff Schaffer says:

    I hope some of my former PSS buddies show up tonight… this should be interesting…
    btw, I’m making it a drinking game for myself… 1 sip for the following:
    1) Any Lie
    2) Any Misleading Statement
    and 2 sips for the following:
    3) Any claim that they will do something that they would have no power to do as president

    I figure I’ll be drunk by 9:15PM EST

  • stateofgeorgiateaparty says:

    Yes I’m early. Billingeorgia will be here tonight.

  • Wil says:

    If my only option to lurk on these chats is Twitter and Facebook, then I shall never participate. Sorry.

  • Gordon Galloway says:

    John Kerry – really??

  • Screamin Mimi says:

    Howdy Patriots!

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