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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Ladies and gentlemen, socialism was never the goal of the Affordable Care Act.  I know it’s a great thing to grandstand about, and it’s a great commercial endeavor to say this was all about socialized medicine and what have you.  What this was about was getting more people to pay more corporations, large, unbelievably behemoth-sized large corporations with skin in the medical services industry game.  This is about forcing people into their storefronts.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


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Mike:  There is a big push apparently members of the Grand Old Party who take up residence in Mordor on the Potomac River are feeling their proverbial oats this week and seem to have actually stumbled into, thanks to President Obama’s mismanagement, seem to have stumbled into a situation wherein they may actually be able to, at least in the short run, put a dagger into the back of that monstrous beast called Obamacare.  What has happened is — we’ve been chronicling this since the day the first parts of the Affordable Care Act, the ACA, went into effect in late 2010.  Of course, there’s been a phase-in of it ever since.  We’ve been chronicling this and sticking with the storyline.  This is before and after Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts took his dagger out and stabbed the rest of us in the back with it, even though some of us knew this was coming, and proclaimed that Obamacare is a tax and therefore it was legal.  If you don’t want to buy an insurance policy, we’ve got a tax for you to pay there, buddy, or a fine rather.  Since you don’t pay the tax, you have to pay the fine.


The storyline has been that the thing is too large to implement.  Just imagine the delicious irony of this for just a moment.  I don’t want to talk about politics.  I don’t want to talk about Obama specifically.  I don’t want to talk about citizens of libtardia.  I just want to talk about first principles for just a moment.  You and I agree almost unilaterally, with near completely unanimity on this show, that the reason big government doesn’t work is because it’s out of scale.  We also agree that most things that are out of scale don’t work.  While we agree on that, we also have this built-in skepticism and suspicion that whenever government tries to do something that has already been demonstrate and proven that businesses or individuals can do and can do for profit, and have demonstrated an ability to do very well for profit, whenever government does it, it is always to the advantage of someone that didn’t really want to compete in that particular industry.  This is the great untold story of what you know as Obamacare.

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It doesn’t have anything to do with what you’ve been told.  It doesn’t have anything to do with socialism.  I know you want to think that because it sells books, sells memberships to websites, sells radio shows and television shows.  It doesn’t have anything to do with socialism unless you approach socialism from the point of view that the socialist does what he does not for the advancement of humanity but for the advancement of humans that are close to the socialist.  We have almost universal agreement on what the basic principles that I laid out.

Is it not just the most delicious of all delicious ironies that the most hated and feared act of the big brother government, which was the takeover of the medical services industry, is a big government bridge too far?  The undertaking is so large, and one of the reasons it’s so large is because of government, because of the Mount Everest, the K2, the Mount McKinley of regulations and rules that anyone that dares to have the unmitigated gall to try to practice medicine must wade through on a daily basis.  Just savor this for just a moment here.  This probably isn’t what you were expecting to hear from yours truly today, but I think if you ponder it for a while, you will come around to my miniature celebration.  Just savor that for a moment.  The Affordable Care Act cannot be implemented because it’s too big for big government.

You are then looking at and watching some in real time, very tangible proof, right in front of your eyes, that big, expansive, overreaching government is incapable of discharging the duties that it purports to be able to discharge or take care of or execute on behalf of the poor, on behalf of the downtrodden, on behalf of the disadvantaged, on behalf of the preexisting condition masses out there.  I find that not only filled with delicious irony, but I also find it filled with a little bit of philosophical satisfaction.  You have evidence now and proof that their way is not the way.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Prof. Gutzman: Jeffersonian Decentralization Now Completely Absent from our System of Government

It is totally unexpected that the high priest of Obamacare, Obama himself, would have to send his minions out there to go, [mocking Obama] “Listen up. We’re not gonna be able to implement this on employers this year.  I’m in Africa, but Carney will fill you in on the details.”  Jay Carney couldn’t even fill in the details.  [mocking] “Uh, yeah, yeah, we’re gonna have to get back to you on that.”  Here’s the story from The Weekly Standard, and this is just one of many…

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