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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I don’t understand what the big deal is here.  What he said was one of the things that I thought, one of the problems I thought citizens of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico actually wanted and want to be dealt with, which is the issue of all the contraband that comes across their borders and is brought across the borders by illegals.  He may have been able to have been a bit more delicate in his phrasing of it, but I don’t think the substance of this is wrong.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  If California decides (and they have) that they want to educate illegals (which they do), if they want to feed illegals (which they do), if they want to house and pay for the housing of illegals (which they do), if they want to subsidize the lifestyles and habits of illegals (which they do), yes, you have a point.  I suppose, though, that at the end of the day and at the end of the discussion, there is someone that has to point out the inequality of the wealth redistribution system.  What you’re saying is there’s massive wealth redistribution and California gets an awful lot, or a state like California gets an awful lot of it, and they’re going to get an awful lot of wealth redistribution so that they can shower it upon the illegals.  That’s not fair to the other states that are paying in and don’t want to shower it on illegals.  I see the point.


I still think my proposition is correct and constitutional and federal.  I don’t have a solution to deal with wealth redistribution simply because I can’t stop it.  There’s not enough political capital to stop it.  So they’re going to debate this, and they’re probably not going to take my advice on this, although I will not stop rendering it and I will not deviate from the principle.  I doubt they’re going to take yours either.  I think both have merit.  I think mine has practical and constitutional merit.  I believe the uniform system, were we to have to accept it.  I’ll tell you the one that doesn’t have merit, the one that undermines the labor of others.  That’s the one that doesn’t have merit.  The one that undermines or renders to one state an unfair proportion or a windfall proportion of the wealth redistribution we were just talking about, that’s not fair, either.  There’s no equality, not even a head fake towards equality or taxation being equally apportioned.  We know what the two bills are.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signI actually heard — did you hear this?  Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate, actually said he pretty much did not care what the House passed for immigration reform.  He didn’t care.  He would just go ahead and pass it.  He would get the Senate to pass their version of it and then he would fix all of it up in the conference committee.  Did you hear him say that or something to that effect?

AG:  Yep.

Mike:  That means, folks, that the legislative sausage making, which is what Everett Dirksen said, [mocking Dirksen] “You know what politics is?  It’s making sausage.  You don’t wanna see a sausage being made, now do you?  That’s why we close the doors.  That’s why we have the doors closed during those meetings.  You don’t wanna see this.”  You won’t see the sausage being made if this is done in a conference committee.  When that then comes back out, it’ll then be arm twisting time.  Would John Boehner be able to get enough Republicans to vote for the Senate version, which will have some version of amnesty in it?  The only thing that remains to be seen is, will the Republicans trade some amnesty for some leniency on allowing their big business buddies to continue hiring illegals?  That’s really the crux of it, don’t you think?  Isn’t that the trade that’s going to be made, don’t you think, something along those lines?  That’s what’s already in the bill basically.  On the same subject, Representative Steve King — do you remember when Steve King was on this show two Constitution Day years ago?

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