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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Would the preservation then of life itself be an instigation enough for Texas to actually think about what it is that the Texas Nationalist Movement has been advocating for over a decade and rid yourself of the exterior force that inviolates your laws, orders, your people about, confiscate your private property, regulate your air and water, spies on your citizens without approbation and the like?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


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Mike:  Another little update here, Rick Perry not running for a fourth term.  He’s in three now.  He’s not going to run for a fourth term.  Do you count the one that he takes over for Bush as a term?  Governor Bush becomes President of the United States, leaving the remainder of his term.  So if we backtrack from 2016, which is when Perry will not seek reelection, he’s in his fourth term.  So Perry will not seek another term according to news.



Texas Governor Rick Perry announced Monday that he will not seek a fourth term [Mike: I’m still wondering whether or not the first little piece of Bush’s term counts.] fueling speculation of another White House run for the nation’s longest-serving chief executive and opening the door for a new leader of the biggest GOP-leaning state.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Texas Senator Wendy Davis Can’t Filibuster Abortion Bill This Time

The move comes at a time when Texas has become a leader in pushing the envelope for conservative causes, including a bill to ban most abortions after a pregnancy reaches 20 weeks.

[end reading]

magnificent samMike: Maybe Texas is actually just pushing its own initiatives because it has finally decided that it can and must, and it cannot rely on the federal leviathan to do it any longer.  If it wants it done, it’s going to have to actually do it itself.  Can you imagine the — I wonder about this.  Let’s just say that the abortion bill in the Texas Senate makes it through, receives the approbation of that most august of special session bodies and then is signed by Perry into law.  Texas is not Arizona.  Texas is a massive landmass, just in square miles alone.  It is a massive economy, the tenth largest on the face of the planet.  Yes, it ranks number ten, and that includes being in competition with the United States.  Hell, Paris County, Texas, just the county surrounding the Houston area would rank number 31 or 32 in the world in economics, tens of millions of citizens and people…

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