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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Now to the Dude Maker Hotline, let us say hello for the first time to candidate for the governor’s office of the great State of Texas, here is Tom Pauken.  Mr. Pauken has decided to throw his hat into the ring.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


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Mike:  Now to the Dude Maker Hotline, let us say hello for the first time to candidate for the governor’s office of the great State of Texas, here is Tom Pauken.  Mr. Pauken has decided to throw his hat into the ring.  I will welcome him to the program, then we’ll ask him why he would do such a thing.  Hello, Tom, Mr. Pauken, how are you, sir?

Tom Pauken:  We talked about my book Bringing America Home: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back.  Good to be back with you.

Mike:  Tell us a little bit, first of all, about you and why you decided now that you would get into the Texas governor’s race.

Pauken:  I think we’ve got a lot of people that pass for conservatives, I call them phony conservatives or big-government conservatives, who really don’t share the conservative philosophy.  They’ve got their political consultants that tell them what to say.  They read the script.  They get elected and business goes along as usual.  My opponent Greg Abbott and I have strong differences.  He just intervened with Eric Holder in the American Airlines merger with US Airways to try and bust it up.  That’s a good example of what I call an oxymoron, big-government conservatism.  This guy doesn’t believe in the free markets.  He’s raised a ton of money, but he does not have a core conservative philosophy.

I call myself a Goldwater-Reagan conservative.  I started in the Goldwater movement.  I ran a federal agency for Ronald Reagan.  I came back in and chaired the Texas Workforce Commission where I led the effort to return control over education to the local communities and provide for more opportunities for vocational education.  We had a bunch of people, these establishment Republican types.  They can raise a bunch of money.  They’ve got their buddies, the Karl Roves of the world who really exercise far too much power over our party.  This is a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.  Can we put together a conservative majority of libertarians and traditionalists as we once did and build from the grassroots up?  First we take our party back, and then I think Texas can lead the way in getting this nation back on the right track.

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Mike:  That is quite a biography, sir.  I read last night on your website, which you can find at TomPaukenForTexas.com.  I read and had heard previously that you were active in the Goldwater campaign.  I had a momentary chuckle and I’ll share it with you.  That was: Well, Tom signed up to work in the Goldwater campaign.  Gee, Mrs. Clinton, who was then Ms. Rodham, signed up to work in the Goldwater campaign.  Hillary didn’t turn out so well, but it seems that Tom turned out pretty good.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Our Allies Are Our States… NOT Israel

Pauken:  Mike, that’s a funny story because she went up to Wellesley and got these liberal professors and became an Alinskyite.  I think her master’s thesis was on Saul Alinsky.  Here I am heading a federal agency in the Reagan administration, then called ACTION, now called AmeriCorps. I walked into an office that was funding, under the Carter administration, about $20 million in taxpayer dollars going to Saul Alinsky groups and ACORN groups all across the country.  Unlike Hillary, instead of supporting it, I defunded all of them within a year.  This is a battle.  These career politicians on our side have no clue about the left’s strategy, their policies, their goals to take this country, destroy the free market system, and undermine our traditional values.  You keep putting these people back in office and it’s about them.  It’s not about the country and it’s not about taking the fight to the left….

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