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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – As I pointed out earlier, if you get accused of jaywalking in the United States and your story makes it to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, doesn’t matter the news network, you will be the alleged jaywalker until your day in court.  Why is it that the same responsible journalists and the same responsible media outlets have left out the alleged when it comes to the chemical weapons attack and have now moved onto [mocking] “the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons attack against its own citizen as they’ve slaughtered hundreds of thousands of them”?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Brandi is in Virginia.  Hello, Brandi, you’re next on the Mike Church Show.

Caller Brandi:  How you doing, Mike?

Mike:  Well, thank you.

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Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor! Click here to find out how!

Caller Brandi:  My question is this: Does Syria really have the capability to send a chemical weapon our way?  It seems like all he’s doing is, if we go over there he’s going to rain hellfire on Israel.  Really?  Iran doesn’t seem to have any capabilities.  Libya doesn’t have any capabilities.  I don’t think Iran really does right now either.  So why are we really worried about Syria having the potential to rain hell on us?

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signMike:  Let me tell you who does have the potential to rain hell on the entire known universe: the Russians and the Chinese.

Caller Brandi:  Exactly.  So why are we even going over there?  Let Syria do whatever it is they’re going to do to their people.  That ain’t our business.  We can’t even afford to go over there.

Mike:  There are a couple things that I would like to note, Brandi.  Thank you for your call.  I talked about this earlier in bringing up that the Russians have a very friendly and robust relationship with the Syrians, we know this.  There is the equivalent of a Russian naval base off the coast of Syria.  The Russians are allies with the Syrians.  We could say in practical terms that our once-former nemesis, the Soviet Union, has strategically placed themselves in cahoots with the Syrians.  If you’re worried about the United States being attacked, it would seem to me that one of the things you would not want to do is provoke either the Russians or an ally, especially a close one, of the Russians.  If you want to talk about intercontinental ballistic missile capability, we know the former Soviet Union, we know that Vladimir Putin has stockpiles of nuclear weapons that are sitting atop ICBMs — for the uninitiated, that’s an intercontinental ballistic missile — and yes, they could reach the United States.  If your concern is really about not being attacked and the national interest, then you’re taking a stick and you’re poking a hornet’s nest if you’re going to provoke the Syrians.

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