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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Conservative nationalism was already on the rise in the 1980’s. This was 1988 when Nisbet delivered the Jefferson lecture. The four men who have served as presidents since Robert Nisbet delivered this lecture make Reagan seem like an isolationist. Remember his 1976 plea at the Republican National Convention to end the problems of nuclear war or his suggestion to the Soviet premier in 1986 in Iceland that Americans and Soviets simply eradicate all nuclear weapons?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  There is a frenzied nationalism, a very dangerous nationalism that has taken hold and has taken root and is very stubbornly refusing to be removed as the cancer that it is from the body “conservative” politic.  This is a very discouraging state of affairs.  [mocking] “Mike, what do you mean by nationalism?  We all love our country, Mr. Church.  You don’t love yours more than the rest of us.”  The love of country is as old as there have been countries.  Of course, the Romans even created a word for it in the Latin patriam, meaning homeland or home.  If you’re a patriot, you’re a defender of home.  Defending home does not mean defending home’s errors, and it does not mean defending home when home has become imperia, yet that’s exactly what’s going on today.  It’s not getting better.  For those that refuse conversion and will not see the error of their Jacobin ways, the nationalism is becoming more bellicose because they’re getting angrier.  It’s not just the libs that they think they have to contend with now, it’s people like me.  Because of that, people like me, Senator Rand Paul and Ron Paul and other non-interventionists, because of that they’re growing angrier.

I keep seeing and keep getting emails from — I must be subscribed to, and no, I didn’t subscribe myself to any of these, but I must be subscribed to 12, maybe 15 different national Tea Party groups that I get a daily newsletter from.  I haven’t unsubscribed because I just read the headlines

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In 1991, Nisbet’s close friend and ally, Russell Kirk, feared that George H.W. Bush and his neo-conservative allies would build a New World Order based on the indiscriminate use of military force, [Mike: This is where it gets really provocative.] the reckless imposition of democratic forms of government (a form of religion, Kirk argued), and a substitution of a Soviet empire with an American one.

At the time, some defenders of the first post-Reagan presidency lamented that “New World Order” had been chosen poorly by Bush. In hindsight, it seems the perfect title. We have done nothing less than create a New World Order, a religion of democracy, and a slightly friendlier version of the Soviet empire.

[end reading]

Mike:  Wow!

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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