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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “I have a suggestion.  Next time someone tells you they’ve been out of work for a couple months and can’t find a job, hand them a pipe wrench.  Next time someone has been out of work for a couple months and can’t find a job, hand them a welding rod.  Next time someone’s been out of work and can’t find a job for a couple months, hand them a shovel.”   Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I have a couple of stories here and a couple of points to make on this.  The first point that I think anyone should make in any of these discussions is: If you say that this is something we all must do in the spirit of charity, and in the spirit of helping our fellow man gain a rung up on his or her problems, if you make that argument and you make that case, people ought to be of the opinion that they will willing fund this endeavor with their own money or with a portion of the fruits of their labor.  Whether you like it or whether I like it or not, this is partially being funded with the fruits of our labor.  As this discussion unfolds in front of your very ears here today, also bear this in mind: We’re in year five now, count them, five of an alleged and purported recovery.  Where are the jobs?  You want me to tell you where the jobs are, folks?  You just heard the Mike Church Show Band from our greatest hits collection, the anthology.  Go download it as soon as the show is over today in the Founders Tradin’ Post at MikeChurch.com.  Let me tell you where the jobs are: trades, skilled.

I watch with great humor these television commercials that appear during sporting events, because that’s really the only time I suffer broadcast television and the commercials that go with it.  Everything else I record.  Unless it’s a live sporting event that I want to watch, I rarely, rarely watch broadcast TV.  I just can’t stand it.  In the rare instances that I do watch it, like many of you, you see television commercials.  I just chuckle and laugh.  If I’m watching the show

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What about the people that will struggle in the future to provide sustenance for their families, senator, who will have to repay what you just borrowed so that the guy that won’t take the pipe wrench into his hand can provide sustenance.  By the way, he’s not providing or she is not providing sustenance for their families, someone else is.  There’s a big difference between actually providing and having the government provide by committing someone else’s resources to your sustenance.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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