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Jeffrey Tucker’s Interview on The Merchant Class


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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Quite frankly, I think we’re going to have to start learning to live without the State.  All of its systems are failing us, the educational system, the monetary system.  People used to think that the government was going to help out, just our enemies spying on us and eluding us all over place.  Nothing works anymore.  This is why I think the merchant class offers a way out for us.  Businesses work all the time to serve us.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Say hello to our old friend, Jeffrey Tucker, from — where are you from these days, Laissez Faire Books, right?

Jeffrey Tucker:  Yeah, I’m still with Laissez Faire, but I’ve got this new company, Liberty.me.  That’s the exciting thing.  I think you’re really going to like your hands on it.  I’m calling you from Washington, D.C., by the way.  That’s where I am right now for the International Students for Liberty Conference and it is really snowing outside, actually.

Mike:  I hope you’re in Mordor on the Potomac, as I call it, for good reason.

Tucker:  We’re here to make trouble.

Mike:  You’re good at that.  You’re really good at that.  You know what I did the other day?  I dug out your “Show Some Love to the Merchant Class” essay from 2011, which is still one of my favorite essays that I have ever read.

Tucker:  Thank you.

Mike:  It’s great.  It hits the point.  I elaborated on it, but why don’t you elaborate on the idea here that if you really oppose government or the State in most of its manifestations, what is the opposite of the State?

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Mike:  I like it.  Let me switch gears for just a moment.  This is something that is a recent addition here to this show, or at least in the last year and a half or two years, and that is the introduction of authors like Christopher Ferrara and Brad Birzer and others.  To delve a little outside the realm of pure economics and conservatism — even though we really don’t have much conservatism anymore, or libertarianism — and into the affairs of the spirit and of the heart.  Because I read you a lot, I know that you are very faithful and very devout in practicing your faith.  Do you see a revival of that as well?  Is that part of your liberty.me experiment?

Tucker:  I think that’s a good insight.  In so many ways, government has ruined the culture and ruined that side of life.  After a century of war and leviathan, a lot of what we used to take for granted in the 19th century is gone.  Civic institutions, institutions of faith and manners, morality, etiquette, this kind of apparatus that’s essential to the social order.  I think you’re right.  This is one way that we can personally fight back against the State, by embracing these codes in our own lives and practicing them ourselves.  I think I many ways, to be a civil, decent, polite person is a revolutionary act these days.

Mike:  That’s a bold statement.  Just being polite?

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Tucker:  Just being polite.  There are five rules that guys should adhere to in life.  If they just do those things, they will massively upgrade their lives and seem very impressive to those around them.  Those rules are basically forgotten now.  They extend out of religion.  It’s not just religion.  It’s a social order.  It’s rules that emerged from within society.  Many of them have been displaced by this overweening government power.  In the 20th century, we began to rely on government so much, and government betrayed us.  It stole our money, it looted our savings, it slated our dollars.  In so many ways, government institutions have failed us.  I think the best way to fight back is by bolstering these civic institutions and these codes of manners and morality and things.  This is what we have to get back to.  We have to restore that in our own lives.  I think you’re exactly right.  It’s not just a matter of getting away from government.  It’s a matter of building a robust, beautiful form of liberty that’s civil and lovely, that can sustain our lives and our families and our communities and civilization.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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