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 We Live In Tyranny BECAUSE Of Our Constitution

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – So Taylor sat down and he wrote one of his many treatises when things like that were on his mind.  This one was called “Tyranny Unmasked”.  You don’t have to read the entire 161 pages of the book to get it.  As I said yesterday, you could probably read 20 and you’ll understand most of the point of view.  After re-reading the preface today, I don’t even think you need to read the book.  Please do, but just read the preface.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I gave some thought in the timeout to the gentleman caller.  There’s some action on the Twitter feed about it if you’d like to follow me on Twitter.  @TheKingDude is where you’ll find it.  I went and just printed out — I almost know this from memory — the introduction to preface to John Taylor of Caroline’s Tyranny Unmasked.

Taylor knew this in the early days of the 1800s.  Taylor knew pretty much what I just said.  And he saw happening pretty much what I just described.  But it was a long process because people weren’t always, Americans weren’t always that way.  We have become like this.  He also saw that this was having a corrupting influence on what could have been the greatest republican form of government in the history of the earth.  It probably still is, but you’re always supposed to be striving towards, even though you can’t actually achieve perfection, but you’re supposed to strive towards it.

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The greatest argument ever made against the American Union's Congress, sweeping power to tax. Edited by Mike Church
The greatest argument ever made against the American Union’s Congress, sweeping power to tax. Edited by Mike Church

Mike:  Folks, just focus in on that one sentence there, “…but the folly of letting in some tyranny to avoid more, has in all ages been fatal to liberty.”  Did you hear the part about there is no compromise when it comes to the committee report on protections?  [mocking] “Mike, I’m a new listener.  I don’t read this 18th century crap.  What’s a protection?”  A protection, as you know it today, would be a tax break, would be something carved into the tax code that gives one person or one entity an advantage over another.  A protection, as you would know it today or recognize it, would be the President of the United States conferring upon one entity an immunity to something like, say, Obamacare, and not affording it to another.  There can be no compromise.  Don’t be fooled to think that Obama is responsible for all this because he’s not.  This has been happening for well over 150 years.  Taylor saw it in 1821 — actually, the committee met in 1817 or somewhere around there — and said: If you don’t stop this, if this isn’t stopped wholesale, completely right now, it’s over.  Start making plans to leave the union now, boys, because once you submit to one tyranny, allegedly to repel another, the game will be won by the tyrants.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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