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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Folks, this is why secession must be pooh-poohed, tabooed, the word to dare not speak its name.  It must be made all of those horrific things because it is the ultimate threat to them.  Leaving their jurisdiction is the ultimate threat to them.  That’s what they fear.  They don’t fear Vlad the Impaler Putin.  They don’t fear the Iranians.  They fear you and me seceding.  That’s what they fear.  Why?  Because they’re milking us like the parasites they are.  If you secede, they can’t milk you anymore.” Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Senator Paul speaking to college kids at Berkeley yesterday:

[start audio clip]

Senator Rand Paul: I look into the eyes of senators and I think I see real fear. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I think I perceive fear of an intelligence community that’s drunk with power, unrepentant and un-inclined to relinquish power. I’m honestly worried and concerned about who is truly in charge of our government.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Folks, where have you heard that before?  Where have you heard that sentiment before?  You heard it right here on this show.  We talked about this for a couple of days last week.  You can find it in my piece at The Daily Caller on the same subject.  If the CIA thinks it can spy on senators — look, I don’t have any problem with it because the CIA and NSA are spying on the rest of us, so what’s good for gooses is good for ganders.  I do really have a problem with it.  I’m mortified, as Paul says he is, over it because if the agency or organization that’s supposed to be overseeing the spy agency, which is the United States Senate, is being spied on by the spy agency, ladies and gentlemen, again, who’s running the government?  There’s no separation of powers any longer.  You’ve got one branch spying on the other branch.  You’ve got one branch trying to tyrannize another branch.  You have one branch usurping powers from another.  You have all three branches usurping power from the people and the states.  You have agencies that are not accountable to anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyplace on Earth.  How do you expect to rein that in?

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Practice secession with [r]epublican gear!They may not be shooting at you.  You don’t call confiscating your property, micturating on your foundational law, you don’t call that an act of war?  Spying on your telephone, tapping your phone, reading your email, reading your mail, these are things that intelligence agencies do to people that they’re at war with.  They’ve already declared war on us, and they’ve declared war on us not because of the issues of liberty and the other things that people like to fixate over.  They’ve declared war on us because we are a threat to their business model.  This is a racket.  It’s a mob is what it is.

Treat it like a mob and you’ll see what must be done to either escape it or stop it. Secession.

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