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Conservative Liberals Having Paved The Way For The Left

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “If you want to go on a mission and go build houses in Mexico with your money and your time, please, by all means, do your Christian charity and go do it.  If you want to go do like Gerard Butler in Machine Gun Preacher and you want to put your own little mercenary army together and raise the funds to support it and go into the Sudan and try to rescue Christian children who are going to be killed by marauding Muslims, by all means, go and do it.  But the idea that we ought to have our government do it, under what pretense, under what exercise of a constitutional authority?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  William is in Pennsylvania.  Hello, William, how you doing?

Caller William:  Good morning, Mike, how are you?

Mike:  Well, I was doing just hunky dory fine.

Caller William:  The reason I call was you talked about misappropriation of funds from the so-called “taxpayers.”  How about the fact that they’re talking about Benghazi?  We had four Americans killed, yet the Dumbocrats did nothing.  Now they want to sit there and rectify that situation.  However, we have an American soldier with postpartum depression, I believe it is, who drives into Mexico, loses his bearings.  He’s stuck down there and we do nothing.  Yet another country, Nigeria, has 300 people, which is a tragedy, I understand, 300 people that get abducted by their people and they’re not even doing anything about it themselves, yet you want to go in there and misappropriate more of our so-called tax dollars.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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I don’t want to hear anyone bitching and complaining about money being sent to Nigeria.  Do I oppose it?  Yes, I do.  But to tell you the truth, I’m really tired of the never-ending effort to try to talk sense into people that it is their own action and their own endorsement of American hegemony and of American bully powers that makes that dispensation to the Nigerians and to the Ukrainians — it doesn’t make it possible, it makes it almost necessary.  It’s almost like the rest of the world is sitting out there going, [mocking] “Well, when do we get our check?”  Just like the American sheeple are sitting out there by their mailboxes going, [mocking] “Well, when do I get my check?”  You’ve got a bunch of Ukrainians sitting around going, [mocking] “Well, when do we get our check?”  And you wonder why $212 in the hole.  You wonder why debt limits have to be increased.  You wonder why the establishment will never surrender what it has.  You wonder how they’ve acquired the power.  Because you gave it to them!  Not only did you give it to them, you continue to tell them that you want them to abuse it.  Congratulations, fake conservatives.  Nice job.  [mocking] “Why aren’t you hard on the libs like that?”  Because they’re already vilified enough.  Are they complicit in it?  Yes, they are.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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