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Anthology_Book_Cover_FEATUREDMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Folks, this is sickness. This is a sickness.  It is a sickness of the soul.  It is a sickness that has now infected the body politic and it has infected almost every living soul in Western civilization.  I’m going to get to the story in a moment, but first I want to give you some anecdotal evidence of just how far from our very well-beaten and very well-documented and very productive — because it did produce good things — path we have fallen.  It has now become almost impossible to distinguish soft-core porn music from actual porn music.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This story was originally posted at The Daily Sun newspaper in Great Britain.  Here’s the headline, “Three Lesbian Women ‘Marry’ Each Other, Claim to Be World’s First ‘Throuple’.”  Walter, what’s a throuple?  That’s a good question, what is a throuple?  Well, when you just confer the ability to make up your own moral codes and your own set of moral laws and what have you, this is what’s going to happen.  Again, if you think this is the end of it, this isn’t even close to being the end of it.  How depraved and promiscuous has the American society become when a story like this doesn’t even generate the hint that maybe something ought to be done about this.  And it won’t.  You know what it will generate, [mocking] “Well, we have to have open minds about these things.  These women have the right to experience love.”  Three of them?

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If there’s a horrible sickness out there, say Alzheimer’s, and if you knew that there was a cure for Alzheimer’s and you knew lots of people that were suffering Alzheimer’s, would you vend or render the cure to those suffering the Alzheimer’s?  I think the answer Devil_Inside_the_Beltway_frontcoverto the question is: Of course you would!  It’s a horrible disease.  It debilitates the body.  It totally eviscerates the mind, makes the human condition a thing of horror and the person that’s suffering it a subject of pity.  Why wouldn’t you?

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If you had a cure for a sick soul, would you administer it?  [mocking] “Come on, that’s a loaded question, of course you would.”  All right, well, what’s the cure for a sick soul?  Here’s the short answer: Pursue sainthood.  We’re not all going to become saints.  No one is under the delusion that we’re all going to become saints.  I said pursue sainthood.  One of the things that you would do is, if you were in pursuit of sainthood, I don’t think you would mock the saints.  I think if you were trying to avoid the fiery pit of hell, you wouldn’t want to be laughing and yucking it up with the sinners instead of crying with the saints.  It’s just one example.  I don’t mean to bludgeon anybody that listened to that song last night and remembered how cool it was back in the ‘70s.  This culture, this society that we live in, that doesn’t take any offense or that few take any offense at any of these displays of morally-deprived and aberrant behavior, you’re going to create the following.


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