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When Will AP Send Witnesses To Monitor The Executions At Planned Parenthod?

Mike Church's own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.
Mike Church’s own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.

Mandeville LA – When a Federal executioner induced lethal injections to OK City bomber Timothy McVeigh, had he chose to, McVeigh could have invoked the 8th Amendment’s prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishments”. Yesterday, Arizona executed Joseph Rudolph Wood for the brutal, 1989 murders of Gene and Debbie Deitz. Jeanne Brown, daughter of Gene and sister of Debbie attended Wood’s execution, as did a “witness” for the AP who reported the allegedly “painful” and long execution as if he were recounting the story of an innocent child being strangled to death by…well by someone like Wood. This of course prompted the ACLU to inform culture of death disciples. “Today the state of Arizona broke the Eighth Amendment, the First Amendment, and the bounds of basic decency.” All three of those talking points are an offense to decent people, here’s why.

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The Eighth Amendment solely applies to the Federal Government despite what the “Supreme Court” has ruled since the 1960’s. That’s why I brought up McVeigh earlier. But note that The Arizona Constitution DOES feature a prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment” but since the Feds have illegally neutered State’s Rights lately, Woods attorneys probably don’t even know it exists. Regardless, Jeanne Brown, explains why Woods’ death wasn’t cruel. “You don’t know what excruciating is. Excruciating is seeing your dad lying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister lying there in a pool of blood. That’s excruciating.”

Woods’ First Amendment claim meets the same objections as the Eighth, only AZ law matters since they pulled the trigger. But Arizona never tried to silence this murderer it only denied him “the right” to view the ingredients of the lethal injection.

Then there’s the “decency” outrage claimed by the ACLU and company. Where are these people to protest the “indecency” of killing hundreds of thousands of infants by “abortion” every year? Why doesn’t the AP send a reporter to Planned Parenthood “clinics”, to “witness” those executions?

Mike Church is a New Orleans native and a radio host appearing daily on the SiriusXM Patriot Channel. He is an author and editor of “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” and is the writer and director of 7 Docudramas on American history including “The Spirit of ‘76” and the recently released “Times That try Men’s Souls-Washington’s Crossing”. 

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  • I love how these libs try to take the “high road” on matters like decency. Give me a break. They advocate for the whole-sale slaughter of the innocents on a daily basis in the name of “a woman’s right to control her body”. Give me a break. On matters of common decency, there right to speak has been nullified by their actions.

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