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Mordor on the Potomac Destroys the Constitution’s Republicanism

The_MiracleMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript I’d say that the established religion in the United States is the godless, soulless, perverted Constitution.  That’s what creates the hierarchy.  This is what creates the power structure.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Consider what has transpired in our lifetime.

The Supreme Court has ordered the de-Christianization of all public institutions in what was a predominantly Christian country. Christian holy days, holidays, Bibles, books, prayers and invocations were all declared to be impermissible in public schools and the public square.

Secular humanism became, through Supreme Court edict, our established religion in the United States.

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Mike:  I’d say that the established religion in the United States is the godless, soulless, perverted Constitution.  That’s what creates the hierarchy.

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Mike:  Let me just inform you of something, ladies and gentlemen.  The forced imposition of homosexual marriage, which is going to be forced on the rest of the states that are not currently in compliance, which would include my State of Louisiana, and I think there are 12 other states whose laws remain in effect, 12 or 13, they will, in due time, be told that the laws we have on our books here, for example, the Louisiana law that prohibits this, we will all be told that those laws are no longer in effect.

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A judge is going to intervene.  A judge is going to weigh in on the prior judicial intervention and is going to nullify those laws.  That’s what’s headed our way.  I can tell you right now, rest assured, the surrender by the so-called conservatives will be swift and it will be framed as something that is ultimately a net positive.

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