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Ferrara – Q: What Is TRUE Liberty? A: It’s Not “Hot Red-Heads Daily”

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The newly available, Founding Father Films, Audio CD-Trilogy Set. Over 9 hours of American History, Family Friendly entertainment at one low price.

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “It’s a great piece of red meat.  Let me just say that the misconception that most people have — and as I learn this the misconception becomes more clear — you’re not turning to the papacy.  You’re not turning to the pope.  The pope has a boss.  Many of you people drive around with a bumper sticker that says “My boss is a Jewish carpenter.”  Fantastic.  Okay.  That’s the hierarchy.  The pope is under Christ.  Christ is the boss.  All the pope — if you know the proper terminology, Vicar of Christ.  All the pope is supposed to be doing is speaking the truth as it has been handed down to him, as it was handed from Christ to twelve men to go out and speak.  Now, Chris, you’re far more of a knowledgeable authority on this than I.  That’s my simpleton point of view, but you can run with it from there…”

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Even the Anglican John Adams knew what Pope Leo spoke of.  Adams is famously quoted as saying: Freedom is not the liberty to do as you wish but the freedom to do as you ought.

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Bookmarks_Trilogy_FEATUREDWhen we quote the pope, we’re not saying that every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth must become a Catholic overnight, but we must recognize that the pope is telling us about the natural law that is written in our hearts and basic moral principles, which make up this thing that we call liberty.  When we conform to the right order of human behavior, when we conform to the moral order, we are exercising true liberty.  When the majority tries to destroy the moral order, it’s the duty of judges, in reviewing the enactments of a majority, to uphold the moral order.

The simple case is killing.  Surely we can all agree that there is no liberty to murder children in the womb, if liberty means anything at all.  When the reviewing court is confronted with an attempt to legalize the slaughter of unborn children, there’s a moral duty on the part of the court to strike down that legislation.  Moving onto the question of gay marriage, the court has a moral duty to defend true marriage in its traditional sense.  If your boss is the Jewish carpenter, it was he who said that God joins the two together, man and woman, and let no one separate what God has joined together.  He did not talk about two men marrying each other.  That’s such an abomination it doesn’t even come up in the gospel because it’s so contrary to nature.  What the majority should be doing is upholding the moral order in the case of judicial review.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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  • I ke issue with the caller who said that “without abortion there would be a bunch of orphans”. In communist Russia, women averaged 5 abortions, but today there are over 1 million street kids. How did that happen, if only “wanted children” would be born? Every 1st world country today has a birthrate below replacement. see the youtube documentary, “Demographic Winter”. that’s why now euthanasia is called for to get rid of the excess and expensive, elderly. Maybe Hitler was ahead of his time.

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