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Gutzman – Constitution Grants Torture Policy To CONGRESS Alone NOT Bush Cheney, Another EPIC GOP Fail

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript Kevin Gutzman – “That’s exactly right.  This is the kind of thing that’s supposed to be decided by the Congress.  The reason this is an issue is that we actually have statutes against torturing people.  People have been saying these last few days: Of course they tortured them.  You have to torture them.  Look at the bad things they do.  Of course, this assumes that everybody being held was actually Al-Qaeda.  We know that at least [26] people who were being held.  There were 26 people being held, including one Australian guy who was held for a decade, who had no connection to Al-Qaeda and were just kind of held by accident.  Do you want those people to be tortured?”

Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Was Gonzales the AG at the time John Yoo crafted this despicable memo that not only enabled the Authorization for Use of Military Force and gave Bush Article I, Section 8 war-making powers, all of them, and also, I think, enabled the enhanced interrogation program?  Your thoughts?

Kevin Gutzman:  I think it was still John Ashcroft.

Mike:  What about the Yoo memo?  Did the Yoo memo lead to the rendition and the enhanced interrogation?

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Guess what, folks?  Sometimes if you want the rule of law, it’s going to bite you.  It’s not going to bite only the people in the other party.  If we’re going to have a rule of law, we have to be willing to be subject to the law.  If we control the executive, we have to follow the law even if we don’t like it.  Then if we control the legislature, we have to hold the executive accountable.  We can’t just say it wouldn’t be politics to defund immigration amnesty.  Immigration amnesty is illegal so you can’t be funding it.  That’s all there is to it.  It’s the same kind of thing.

So what does the Republican Party stand for when it comes to the rule of law?  Well, we’re going to torture people if we want to.  If we think it might be popular, we’re going to allow immigration amnesty, even though the law says you can’t do this.  What difference is there between the Boehner / Jeb Bush wing of the Republican Party on the one hand and the Democratic Party led by Obama on the other hand when it comes to these questions of the rule of law?  What difference is there?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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  • The Third Geneva Convention Article 4 to which the US is party to were never intended to be inclusive of the barbaric nature of the evil that is radical Islam. To be designated as a “prisoner of war” designates must “carry arms openly” not highjack and crash aircraft into buildings or wear explosives vest into market places. Get real!

    • If English is your second language, then I apologise. You made rediculous claims that require citation. Your inflamatory ignorance welcomes dismissal. May the Lord forgive me for even responding to this in such an insufficient and arrogant fashion. Brother, suppress your hatred and meditate on your own thoughts and those which you attack in the light of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin.

  • The indignant outrage over the one-sided Senate Report on Enhanced Interrogations expressed by a bunch of hubris individuals is the greatest offense to American Values. These are the same congressional folks that cower in face of politically dangerous reforms. These are the same that decry a war on women yet do nothing as ISIS enslave, rape and stone women. These are the same that deny Christ a place in our government while making allowances to dress codes for the hijab; this in light of ISIS beheading Christians. To draw a moral equivalence between the occasional harsh interrogations of a few unlawful combatants by the CIA to thwart another horrific attack on civilized communities is to deny the true atrocities of daily existence under these radical Islamic fanatics. The greatest value is truth; drawing a false moral equivalence leads to a false narrative; one you have accepted and propagated as truth. You cited Bush speech; appropriate members of congress are those chosen by its body to sit on select committees and hear classified briefs. I enjoy listening to your show and concur with about 70% but for me you are wrong on this issue.

    • You bring up Christ and yet defile his teaching with your barbarism, Sir. He WAS tortured, no retribution was ordered, only mercy to His tormenters. You also mis-characterize my point made about IN-appropriate members of Congress. Congress HAS TO MAKE THE POLICY, ALL of Congress. Either you want to live under the ratified Constitution or you don’t. “Select” committees do not constitute and Article I body to legislate. Using your warped reasoning, the Ways and Means committee should be able, as “appropriate” members of Congress to “vote” on a $4 trillion budget and pass it without the rest of Congress having a say. “Horrific” attacks against humanity at the hands of Mohammedans has been going on since 649 A.D., to elevate us to some special persecuted status is historically ignorant with a side of arrogant.

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