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Handmade 1866 Edition Books From Founding Father Films Publishing

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good book, must be intolerably stupid.” – Jane Austen


Mandeville, LA – Since I began publishing books 3 years ago my zeal for the endeavor has only grown. Prior to publishing I had begun collecting books, building

RARE collectible, in time for Christmas. There will be 30 of these made, reserve yours today.
RARE collectible, in time for Christmas. There will be 30 of these made, reserve yours today.

a library and then something wonderful happened. I purchased a pair of beautiful, vintage books from a used book store in Fredericksburg VA. Patrick Henry – American Statesman and Is Davis A Traitor? The construction of these books was superior to today’s and you could touch and see the ornate craftsmanship that went into each book as if that copy was to be the only one ever made. This is what inspired me to try and recreate that process and produce one of a kind, collectors item-quality books in very limited quantities. The process requires 3 manufacturers, a printer, a stamper and a binder; hand-selected raw materials and lots of know-how.

We have made these books available now in 3 editions of Patrick Henry-American Statesman, 2 editions of Is Davis a Traitor? and the inaugural edition of John Taylor of Caroline County-American Statesman for a grand total of 197 books, each signed, numbered and dated to their unique edition e.g. #12 of 31, 28•01•2015, Mike Church. A customer who received his Handmade edition book for Christmas sends the following endorsement .

Hi Mike, I just received my limited edition copy of the Taylor book. This is another fantastic work of art that will look great next to my Henry and Davis books. Thank you for such dedication to the fine details that go into these books, both in content and craftsmanship. These are truly heirloom quality and this book is just another outstanding offering from Founding Father Films Publishing. This is my Christmas gift to myself this year, but ultimately I can’t wait to share these with my two girls when they are older.

We currently have inventory of the First Edition of John Taylor of Caroline County numbers 32-41 and Is Davis a Traitor, Second Edition numbers 20-30. Very soon, I will be announcing the release of this series for our upcoming edition of Washington Irving’s classic “Life of [George] Washington-Students Edition”. Irving’s original biography of his namesake spanned seven volumes, the student edition is condensed down into two volumes spanning over 800 pages.

Please consider adding one or both of these beautiful works of the bookmaking art to your collection, they are very rarely in stock but they are today and ready for me to authenticate, sign, number, date and ship to you today.

In good reading, I remain, yours truly,


Mike Church

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