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Martyred Coptic Christians Would Be Denounced As Naive In USA

Crusader_tee_printed_versionMandeville, LA – If you browse to my Facebook wall for the Mike Church Show Fan Page or visit the corresponding story on this site where I asked the question: What is it about the word “peace” that sets “conservatives” hair on fire and causes them to become raving lunatics for war…ANY war? Over 30,000 viewed the post on Facebook and much of the commentary was negative. I had asked what Christ’s reaction to being scourged at the pillar/being “nailed to a tree” was? **insert crickets chirping sound effect**. “Yeah but he didn’t have his way of life threatened by ISIS and HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D and, you get the picture. All over “conservative” media the past 2 weeks, listeners/viewers/readers have been deluged with demands that President Obama MUST call ISIS “radical Islamic terrorists” or else every man, woman, child and pet in the continent of North America will be wiped out. I even had one caller insist I was a traitor for not siding with the clamor for the AUMF against ISIS. This is obviously the effect from 80 years of Hollywood “war porn”.

Most Americans cannot conceive that not every fight on earth’s other hemisphere is “America”s” fight nor can they conceive of the Christian concepts of mercy and conversion. It is of course possible that ISIS or HYDRA may someday require a Holy League response but they are probably banking on the fact that is not going to happen. Neither is a major ground based assault or a full fledged carpet bomb (but don’t give McCain or Graham that idea). It should weigh heavy on the minds of American Christians ginning up another war, exactly what the Christians enduring the current jihad think the response to ISIS should be. This video that shows the brother of two of the martyred Coptic Christians explaining his and his mother’s reaction and message to ISIS will, I am certain, shock the average member of the war party.

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  • We may have achieved “peak porn” but though we are certainly pursuing it, we have not yet seen the peak of this “war porn”. Until the horrors of war are felt by the consumers of the war pornography, they shall continue to indulge themselves.

  • In my youth a friend commented to me that peace would never breakout because it was non-profit. As an adult I have come to realize that the real reason peace eludes us is that peace with one’s self, one’s neighbors, or between the various people of the world, requires a complete acceptance of the Will of God. The video above is instructional for two very important reasons: 1)It show every person of the Christian faith what is possible when God is the focus of our lives. 2)It re-enforces to every person of the Christian faith the fact that the applied teachings of Christ are still the most despised and radical force in the world today because they require love, forgiveness, obedience, and submission at the expense of what is profitable, comfortable, or expedient.

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