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Tuesday Pile of Prep


Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. The Holidays begin in earnest this week with the celebration of Thanksgiving. Listeners will learn today that the origin of the Thanksgiving celebration comes from Catholics in New Mexico and not Pilgrims in Rhode Island. ““You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.” – G.K. Chesterton

FOOD FIGHT! – The first Thanksgiving feast in ‘Muricah was NOT in Plymouth or Boston or ancient NH, it was held in modern day Kansas by Catholic missionaries and Indian tribes, 60 and 30 years before the “Pilgrims” allegedly “established” the tradition.

Black Lives Matter, Duped By Lincoln Apologists – Thomas DiLorenzo wants to know why the Black Lives Matter “movement” has set its sights on targeting President Woodrow Wilson for politically correct cleansing when actual history reveals that it is St Lincoln who should be on the “Don’t Matter” list.

[not a] SHOCKAH: New poll says ‘Muricans hate those of other races more today than they did the day President Obama came to heal the racial divide with Progressive plans to instill fake “brotherly love”.

Birzer: Three Cheers for Gal Queda! – Brad Birzer finds über feminist Camille Paglia’s defense of some tradition refreshing even while he remains (appropriately) repulsed by Paglia’s political views.

“Helicopter Parents” Must Be Stopped!! – Perhaps this Thanksgiving, while the family is finally gathered together for a rare moment of solidarity, Mom can confess her “helicopter parenting” has been lacking and pledge to end it. If you don’t what the term “helicopter parenting” means, no worries, browse this essay of hyper sensitive reaction to criticism of Millennial parenting and you might fear just a little bit less for the future that will feature Millennials in charge… a VERY small amount.

Happy Holidays! – This will be repeated 30 million times, insincerely I fear. I wonder how many folks ever stop to ponder that the term Holiday comes from an Olde English term that meant “Holy Day“?

Calling All Christian Men! – If Men are to lead our families, businesses and institutions away from the road to perdition we are certainly on then Real Men need to pray for the virtue of purity & chastity, a chastity that extends to our eyes and then actions taken after our eyes have been soiled. Yes, that means it is time for Real Men to can the porn.

Joseph Pearce wonders where all the adults have gone. A fair question when reviewing the immaturity of our age that passes for normalcy. Men roaming about in search of mid-life crises while their wives live in “loveless marriage” (no one ever bothers to recall that Consecrated marriages are made by the love God has for Man and cannot be removed by lust for more orgasms and such).

Beazelbub Sent Advance Teams of Communists Into Catholic Seminaries to Pave The Path To Destroy CatholicismThis lengthy, exhaustive review of the activities of the CP during the Joe McCarthy era shows that the Commies knew the Church stood as the real bulwark against the spread of Communism, NOT the blue jeans and franchised “success” of Western materialism.

DeceptiCONNED by Slick Hilly!? – Mrs Clinton’s latest stroke of foreign policy bellicosity trimmed with a huge helping of imbecility is to bomb and contain ISIS’s enemies! Folks, look at the photo of Papa Sonstray Island below, this is where the VRN headquarters will be if this madman (yes I meant to write “man”) is elected President. And the principle reason Mrs Clinton wishes to re-invade Iraq? It pays

$2 BILLION reasons why Mrs Clinton is to be coronated and why Joey Biden never had a prayer. Note the hands that have laundered the campaign cash to the Clinton’s for 40 years and you will come to understand why electoral politics is the problem plaguing ‘Muricah and cannot be the solution.

The Truth about ISLAM Cannot Be Denied – Comedian Bill Maher comes out of the closet as an “Islamaphobe” by saying it is bullsh*t that Muslims are the same as Christians in value judgements. What Maher, writer and director of “Religiosity”, has stumbled upon is the Truth: Islam denies the kingship of Christ and replaces the Christian Beatitudes with their heretical, demonic opposites. Welcome to Philosophia Perennis, Bill, class begins at 06:00 p.m. Tuesday evenings!

The Pope Francis Fan Club Lobs a Mortar at Orthodox, American Catholics – It will take an entire page and half a day or so to completely respond to this attempt to sew scandal among my orthodox Catholic brothers and sisters. The writer apparently believes that the purpose of the Vicar of Christ is lead Catholics into political affairs for the sake of being led into them because, he is the Pope. That the Pope if the defender of the Deposit of Faith and speaks on behalf of Christ when Magisterial teaching is in question is never mentioned and that only makes sense for an alleged Orthodox, non-Catholic.

Finally some other than the Mike Church Show says what must be said about ISLAM: It is a Heresy Straight out of Hell.

FLASHBACK: Is Ted Cruz eligible to run for the Presidency!? Answer-according to this study is: no.

The High Cost of Being a Teacher – You read that right. Remember the case of Kansas Professor Andrea Quenette? She is the prof teaching grad students who had the audacity to engage a student in a classroom discussion not based on an approved talking point from the 3×5 index card of approved topics that ‘Murican kids will entertain “teaching” on. Now Mrs Quenette’s husband, “anticipating significant legal expenses” has started a GoFundMe page. The white martyrdom Christian Americans can expect is now being visited upon anyone who deviates from PCU. Perhaps if Universities taught the Truth as the basis for the rest of education, there would be no disagreement on trivial nominalisms like “race”

Homosexual “Marriage”, You Will Be Assimilated – The career of Brendan Eich is worth reviewing to discover that Eich is now being taunted by the same homosexuals who demanded his ousting from Mozilla AND is still unemployed.

Hey Libs: Mary & Joseph Were NOT Foreigners (refugees) But Were Going TO Their Hometown – How does the Catholic/Christian respond to the “refugee crisis” brought about by prior ‘Murican (&European) meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt et cetera? By acting with love and charity towards these Muslims while standing on-guard and against their heresy infiltrating our civilization, that’s how.

The Lethal, UnJust and Disastrous Saudi Arabian war against Yemen, aided and abetted by the U.S. continues. The alleged “benefits” of this were never to be because they were fabricated by the warfare states and those who profit from it.

alignment_shevill_mathersThe Beauty of Our Creator’s Order, Seen In The Morning Sky – This month, if you get up early enough to catch the rebroadcast of yesterday’s Mike Church Show (begins at 05:00 a.m. Central) you can clearly see, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, in alignment, in the eastern sky! In viewing this beautiful sight, you can clearly see the plane of the solar system’s orbit and Earth’s position relative to it, what a magnificent sight and gift to meditate upon!

DeceptiCONS: Dial R for Rubio – Rubio has become papa neocons favorite new toy with liberty and unJust War for all.

Poll: A Majority of ‘Muricans do NOT want another ground war in Asia (sorry, Marco, John and Lindsay, guess you’ll have to fight this one without popular support and bacon grease, oh wait, that’s how you have us fighting ALL our “wars”.)

NewsFlash to Libs who Were Already in Heresy: Denying refugee status to Syrians has no logical or Biblical connection to the Greatest Story Ever Told, The Birth of Our Lord. Some of these things you just can’t make up folks:

WAR, WAR, WAR! The French and its American cheerleaders are serving up to ISIS the war they desperately want and need:

“As one twenty-four-year-old who joined Jabhat an-Nusra in Syria told us:

They [Western society] teach us to work hard to buy a nice car and nice clothes but that isn’t happiness. I was a third-class human because I wasn’t integrated into a corrupted system. But I didn’t want to be a street gangster. So, I and my friends simply decided to go around and invite people to join Islam. The other Muslim groups in the city just talk. They think a true Muslim state will just rain from heaven on them without fighting and striving hard on the path of Allah.”


Is Conservatism a Philosophy? (Answer = NO) – Writer Dan MacLaughlin says “Yes!” MacLaughlin then denies the actualTRUE  answer saying that “‘Murican conservatism… is not an ideology.” Ah but it most certainly is as are nearly all “isms”, as Chesterton put it are “..never a religion. It is an abstraction without being an absolute.

The Founder’s Red Pill, Canned by Sirius XM returns, in my candid interview with the inimitable Tom Woods available in downloadable audio form. Thanks to Tom for asking all the questions of me I would have asked of me and then some!

If You Kill French People Again! we will send you a nasty letter! – Are the bombings of Raqqa and the public displays of Macho Man syndrome from French politicians, a harbinger of a new French strong-armed nationalism? Or is it more likely they are just ephemeral hissy fits, uttered to mollify a  frightened yet impotent, when it come to the Faith actually needed her, public? It is likely the latter.

We’re All Yemenis Now – The Obama Administration just got the go ahead from Paul Ryan to transport $1.29 BILLION worth of “brown people bombs” [ok, I made that up] to our terrorist and Madrassa running buddies in Saudi Arabia. [Modern] “War is a racket” should be on the lapel of every officer who actually withholds a conscience decision to assist an unJust War.

Today’s Guest D.C.McAllister: Ronda Rousey, prize fighter, anti-feminist and Bernie Sanders supporter.

D.C. McAllister: ‘Muricah Is  Facing a Moral Crisis. “…if you don’t see the crisis as a battle between good and evil—a moral crisis, as Walsh explains, that has been created by Leftist German philosophies (Hegel, Marx, Frankfurt School), subverting our culture by luring us into thinking there is no battle between good and evil.” Hmmm, I think I may have heard those sentiments before, and I concur.

Read this screed, written by angry minority students at the University of Kansas who cannot see a way forward in their “education” without “diversity training” and an absence of “confrontations” by Professor Andrea Quenette. Reading this letter makes the university sound more like an after school care center and less like a place were PhD’s are handed out.


The Kids Are Not All Right – The latest fashionable attempt to instruct parents on how to best raise their children for “success” neglects to even acknowledge that “success” must also include success in morality. Without an education in the moral virtues (Cardinal virtues if you are an adult) how is one to build any “success” that is worthy of living as a life!? Professor Paul Bonicelli pans the book by asking the questions asked above. “If one wants to know how human beings are supposed to face trials and overcome, how to be generous and giving toward others in need, great literature like the Bible, Dickens, Shakespeare, and Aesop’s fables offer excellent instruction with timeless examples for all ages and stations. For some kids in the past, that included Cicero and Aurelias, and Augustine and Aquinas.


The Modern Wrong World Made Right Is Catching On – Whne Brother André Marie and I began planning then recording our series on how the Modernist Philosophers were wrong, we had Immanuel Kant in our ascopes. Now comes “mainstream journalist” Robert Tracinski, nearly taking our title verbatim and publishing it at The Federalist.

The Truth CANNOT Set You Free If You put GOP Dogma over actual Dogma – Elite Republicans are so desperate for a candidate to take vows to their heretical, lethal policy ideals that they are now recruiting the last loser to Obama as their nominee: Mitt for brains Romney

DeceptiCONNED: Rand Paul is more like Ronald Reagan than any of the DeceptiCONS, like neocon wunderkind Marco Rubio, claiming that they are and he is especially close to the Gipper on WAR policy says Patrick J Buchanan. “Having called for the U.S. Navy to confront Beijing in the South China Sea, and for establishing a no-fly zone over Syria that Russian pilots would enter at their peril, Rubio seems prepared for a confrontation with either or both of our great rival nuclear powers.”


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