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Monday Pile of Prep-The Comedy of Christmas Edition

Crusade_Fleece_Pullover_on_BlackMandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. Then Dumbocrats were invited into Catholic St Anselm college for their debate, folks, we now have both feet inside Hades’ gates and are walking the path. The South’s Gonna Do It Again but not if the New Orleans City Council has anything to say about it. Read my essay on the matter here and LISTEN LIVE! to HEAR that annunciated.  “The main point in all this is that creating a language that cannot be checked by or against any recognisable reality is the ultimate mark of power. What Merton characterises as “double-talk, tautology, ambiguous cliche, self-righteous and doctrinaire pomposity and pseudoscientific jargon” is not just an aesthetic problem: it renders dialogue impossible;” – Rowan Williams

TODAY’S GUEST JOSEPH PEARCE, EXPLAINS THE COMEDY OF CHRISTMAS & THE CHRISTMAS BLUES – “[At Christmas time] why are we not walking around with a permanent smile on our faces? Why do we spend so much of our time bemoaning our lot in life and bewailing the state of the world? Why do we ignore the candle and see only the darkness surrounding it? Why doesn’t the joy of Christmas and the laughter on the lips of the Christ Child and the delight in the heart of His Mother keep us in a state of perpetual contentment?

BATTLE OF BANDS, THE POGUES VS THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW BAND – MBD writes that the Irish folk band The Pogues have written the best Christmas song ever in a Fairy Tale of New York but perhaps MBD has never heard the Mike Church Show Band’s “No Nobody’s (gonna get a gift from me)”!?

HERETIC, SHE’S A HERETIC – Wheaton College, a Protestant, Christian Institution of Higher Learning, places a tenured professor on “administrative leave” for telling students that Allah is the same God as Jesus Christ of the Holy trinity.

Wheaton’s statement on the matter is here.

BUCHANAN: The War Party must be stopped if the GOP is to survive. Buchanan looks at the GOP debates and campaign for the nomination with revulsion, wondering how the party of Ronald Reagan became such an obnoxious choir of military bravado and faux patriotism.

THERE IS NO GOD COMING TO SAVE QUEEN HILLARY – Slick Hilly has declared her coronation a certainty and her competition defeated, setting her sights on Donald Trump and the main event to come. Mrs. Clinton’s performance in Saturday night’s “debate” at St Anselm college featured a litany of the usual democrat snake oil with a “Isis uses Trump videos for recruiting” for seasoning.

ORWELL: LANGUAGE MATTERS AND BAD LANGUAGE LEADS TO BAD WARSRowan Williams delivers the annual Orwell address gives written life to what we have been discussing the last two years: the Warfare/Spyfare State is made lethal, tyrannical and beyond reproach because the language used to describe it is corrupted to the point that horrifying words no longer even give a fright. “When the military commander speaks of destroying a village to save it, the writer’s job is to speak of the specific lives ended in agony. When the agents of Islamist terror call suicide bombers ‘martyrs’, the writer’s job is to direct attention to the baby, the Muslim grandmother, the Jewish aid worker, the young architect, the Christian nurse or taxi driver whose death has been triumphantly scooped up into the glory of the killer’s self-inflicted death.”

ATLANTIC WRITERI support Senator Rand Paul because the rest of the Presidential Candidates foreign policy is terrifying.

The GAYStapo Strikes Back, Episode 6,735 – “You’ll go gay and like it”, I said yesterday on the Mike Church Show. “Oh Mike, you’re being reactionary and paranoid, no one is ever going to ,like, you know, force a Catholic school to hire a known sodomite as a teacher…oh look, a squirrel!” Well the impossible has just happened and now ‘Muricah has its first Catholic School that has been force fed a sodomite marriage practitioner it’s first Sodomite school teacher. There are two points to be made here. 1. Is the Diocese going to accept the ruling or will it (as it should) condemn the court, declare its “teaching” as fallible and filled with Heretical error and refuse to accept the “gay” teacher? or 2. The irony cannot be lost here that because the Church was invaded by modernity practicing libs which paved the way for the pedophile practicing “priests”.

The South’s libs Gonna Do It slander the southern dead Again – The City Council of NOLA votes 6-1 to remove statues of Confederate War veterans and sons of the South because they present a nuisance to Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis.

NEWSFLASH: Kids are now attending “Christian Colleges” so they can explore their “gender Identities” and the Federal courts are only too happy to sick the full power of the sodomite Leviathan on the colleges that they must choose: proper, liberal, CHRISTIAN education to a small number of self-financed students or accept Leviathan and surrender your teaching Authority. WHich do you think most ‘Murican colleges will choose?

LAST THURSDAY’S VERY SPECIAL GUEST RACHEL AND KEVIN MCCORMICK – This father daughter duo are the creators of the In Dulci Jubilo Christmas Album. You can download the album and contact the McCormick’s here.


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