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Christian Persecution Coming To A Town Near You

great_facadeMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Basically this is just a continuation of the same story, that is, if you’re in business, it doesn’t matter what your business is, and you conduct any of that business in public, be aware that someone is going to traipse into your place of business at some point in time, present themselves as homosexuals seeking to marry, and then is going to demand that you provide services to them if you provide that sort of thing to people that are about to be wed.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I don’t have to cringe thinking that a producer is cringing every time I hear the C word.

Dustin Siggins:  Catholic, Christian?

Mike:  That’s right.  Yes, sir, every time I hear the C word, Catholic, I’m not worried about somebody going, [mocking] “Dude, you gotta stop bringing that up.”  Anyway, this story that you guys have been covering for a while, I myself have been covering it.  This couple from Upstate New York who run a bed and breakfast of some sort and then have some kind of a reception hall area that they rent out.  A couple of years ago a lesbian couple approached them to host their sodomitical marriage or whatever you wish to call it, gay marriage or whatever.  These people said: No, we’ll do your reception, but we’re not going to do the actual event.  We’re devout Catholics.  The Magisterium actually means something to us.  We’re not opposed to you, but we don’t want it here on our property.  Instead of just taking the invite to do the reception there, the lesbians decided to keelhaul the couple in front of the New York Human Rights Commission.  Dustin can tell you the rest.

Siggins:  Sure.  They went to the Division of Human Rights, I think it’s called, which in 2014 issued a decision saying that the Catholic couple had illegally discriminated and that decision was recently upheld by a court.  As I understand it, the argument by the state is that – let me start over.  The Catholic couple argues that this was done on their property.

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Mike:  [mocking] “No, no, Mr. Siggins, that’s not what it says.  It says that your community is overabundant – you know what?  You’re discriminating.  You stole all the self-control from us homosexuals.  We would have had some but you guys took it from us.”

Siggins:  I’ve never heard that argument before but okay.


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Mike:  That’s because it’s fatuous and silly and you probably won’t.  This is precisely why – you might remember, if you’re old enough to remember this.  You say you’re 30 so you’re probably not.  Back in the 1990s when liberals were empowered by and were feeling their oats at the time, they began an assault on the celibacy and the unisex status of Roman Catholic clergy.  Why don’t you open it up to women?  Number two, come on, you guys are a bunch of clowns.  You can’t be celibate.  Nobody can say no for their entire life, etc., etc., etc.

Well, we know that while it is a struggle, we know that this is something that can be done.  We know this because we have a litany of hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people, especially sisters and brothers that devoted themselves to religious orders and spent their entire lives in cloistered monasteries.  Were there some that were unable to resist?  Yes, because we’re fallen man and sin is going to be committed.  Did some of them?  Yeah.  So, what does that mean?  That’s why it’s a challenge, dummy.  It’s not easy to do.  You have to open yourself up and be able to accept the grace to not go there.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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