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Introducing The Flow with Kurt Wallace

Kurt Wallace b&wMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Let us go to the Dude Maker Skype line and introduce you to a brand-new show that we are delighted to have here.  This is an old, old friend of mine, a dear old friend of mine, Kurt Wallace.  He will be hosting a show that he has actually been hosting for a couple of years now called The Flow.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let us go to the Dude Maker Skype line and introduce you to a brand-new show that we are delighted to have here.  This is an old, old friend of mine, a dear old friend of mine, Kurt Wallace.  He will be hosting a show that he has actually been hosting for a couple of years now called The Flow.  Not the Flo as in the Flo Progressive car insurance sales hack.  We have episode one coming up this week.  I’ll let Kurt tell you all about it.  Kurt, first of all, good to talk to you, old friend.  Second of all, welcome to the Crusade Channel and the Veritas Radio Network.

Kurt Wallace:  Thanks for having me on.  It’s good talking to you as well.

Mike:  Tell the folks listening at home who don’t know anything about Kurt Wallace and The Flow, recently we could have found The Flow on another internet streaming radio.  I don’t know if they actually run a fulltime, 24/7 channel there, but they had a lot of shows there.  Where was The Flow at before?

Wallace:  The Flow was hosted at TruthInMedia.com, which is owned by Ben Swann.  He’s also a news anchor for Channel 46 CBS in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ben has a huge following.  He wanted to host a show for a little while.  Our last episode was an interview with you, Mike Church.

Mike:  Really?

Wallace:  Our first interview on your network is with Ben Swann.  It’s a friendly transition.  After you and I did the interview, we talked and you invited me to bring the show onto your network.  I’m really excited about it.  The whole premise of the show is to interview well-known people and kind of shed the preconceived ideas about the person, go toward the underlying nature and discover why the people that we’re interviewing see things the way they do, what’s happened in their lives to shape their philosophy, the struggles and triumphs that bring us to what really matters in our individual worlds.  We’re looking at those elements underneath the surface of the cool guests.  Rather than just talking about what they’ve done, we talk about who they are.

Mike:  I called The Flow with Kurt Wallace, which will be debuting tomorrow, immediately following The Modern Wrong World Made Right, hosted by yours truly.  We’re back to doing that on Tuesdays at noon.  Our first guest is Chris Ferrara with Darwin Was Wrong, Episode 2.  We’ll probably debut The Flow tomorrow.  When I heard Kurt’s show, and when we talked about this, my thought was that Kurt is Charlie Rose with cool guests.

Wallace:  Hopefully my questions are deep and interesting.  I take that as a compliment.

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Mike:  Of course, you might have heard on my setup before I put you on, I was talking about this.  I was talking about Michael Brendan Dougherty predicting that Jeb Bush is going to make a comeback, and me saying you can’t be an Eagle Scout unless you started off as a Boy Scout.  You can’t just come in and say: I’m big and bad and I deserve an Eagle Scout badge.  They’re not going to give you one unless you’re a Boy Scout.  That’s Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  The party cannot make him their nominee because he’s not a Republican.  He’s never been known as one.  He’s always been known as either an independent or a Democrat, or a mystery, at best mysterious.  That’s why the Republicans can’t have him as their nominee.

What I find fascinating about this is: How is this going to play out?  How are they going to get rid of Donald Trump?  The Republican Party voters, if we’re reading them and listening to them correctly, have about had it with John McCain and Mitt Romney and two doses of George Bush, a previous dose of Bob Dole, a dose before of Pappy Bush twice in a row.  I think the revolt is real.  I don’t think the revolt is going to be tamped down.  You know what I think GOP insiders are banking on, Kurt?  I think what they’re banking on is raw, naked fear of a Hillary presidency.  People that call themselves Republicans or conservatives will do anything, including support and vote for Jeb Bush, to avoid a Hillary presidency.

Wallace:  I would say so, anything to avoid her being president.  It would be very strange to have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I’m not sure what you do in that situation.

Mike:  If I were confronted by it, choosing lesser of two evils would come into play.  The only person I can think of that could trump “I won’t vote for Hillary” or Hillary being the lesser of two evils is if Margaret Sanger herself were reanimated and were put on the ballot in 2016.  Then I’d have to choose Hillary the Margaret Sanger wannabe over Margaret Sanger.  Folks, in any event, enough about politics.  Kurt Wallace is the host of The Flow.  The Flow is coming as a weekly broadcast to the Veritas Radio Network Crusade Channel.  Episode #1 debuts tomorrow with Ben Swann.  Tell us a little bit about Ben Swann as a teaser.

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Wallace:  Ben Swann is a lifelong media guy.  He made a big splash back in 2010 when he started his show on – he was a news anchor in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was all about facts and information.  People love it on the internet.  He became a sensation online.  I forget the name of the show.  His tagline is, “Here’s what you need to know.”  He basically sets up the story and then provides the facts for you and lets you make a decision.  He’s a real representative of the Fourth Estate of media, which we don’t see much anymore, Mike.

Mike:  As you said, he has a huge online following.  Hopefully some of them will follow this interview with Kurt for episode #1 of The Flow.  Kurt, as I said, welcome to the Veritas Radio Network.  I think we can actually employ your talents in other ways and not just with The Flow.  You’ll hear a lot more from Kurt, especially as we get deeper and deeper into campaign 2016.  He is in a major media market, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Kurt, we’re delighted to have you.  Welcome aboard, brother.  Thanks for choosing Veritas Radio Network over the old home in the old country.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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