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Our Man In Mordor Discusses The GOP

Tom Mullen Conservatives and LiberalsMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I was telling the audience earlier today that I cannot logically reason – my logic will not allow me to reason any other way or any other reason why Cruz and Kasich are hanging around other than the GOP has something nefarious up its sleeve and they still need live, warm campaigning bodies on the scene of the crime to make it happen.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Last night obviously was a big day, as was anticipated, for Donald Trump.  It was, as anticipated, a rotten day for Ted “ineligible” Cruz.  I guess it was a great day for John Kasich because he actually got three delegates.  I was telling the audience earlier today that I cannot logically reason – my logic will not allow me to reason any other way or any other reason why Cruz and Kasich are hanging around other than the GOP has something nefarious up its sleeve and they still need live, warm campaigning bodies on the scene of the crime to make it happen.  What do you think?

Jordan Bloom:  That’s still kind of an open question, I guess.  The thing that everybody fears is that the Republican establishment will try to rip the nomination away from Trump.  I actually think that’s – I mean, the establishment is wilier and more compromising than I think we’re even considering.  There’s some evidence that they’re starting to warm up to Trump.  For example, Patrick Howley, report for Breitbart, uncovered that a DC delegate was not actually a DC resident, so ineligible to be a DC delegate.  He basically called the Republican Party and they said they’d get on it and have her removed.  The Republican Party is sort of starting to take the criticisms of the pro-Trump people seriously.  That would be one piece of evidence that would indicate that maybe they aren’t as against Trump as the people who are diehard Ted Cruz supporters.  I think that really is an important thing to note.  Your Erick Ericksons, your Liz Mair, your Dana Loesches, these sort of lifelong conservatives, they hate Trump more than the Republican establishment does.

Mike:  I don’t get that.  I have some disagreements with Donald Trump.  I am not a Trump booster.  I’ve already announced I’m not voting this year, so don’t call me, [mocking] “Who did you vote for?  You didn’t do your civic duty.”  I’ve done decades of civic duty.  I ain’t doing civic duty this year.  It doesn’t matter if I vote anyways.  Having said that, I really do not understand the diatribes that are hurled Trump’s way.  Trump is no more hysterical in the things that he says than Ted Cruz is hysterical in a ridiculous statement like: If I’m elected president, we’re going to find out whether or not sand glows in the dark.  That’s as hysterical and as outrageous a statement as I believe humanly possible.  Threatening to turn an entire desert, alleged sandy area, threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb on it, or even intimating that that’s some kind of walk in the park or fantasy for people.

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Bloom:  Yeah, sure.  I don’t know too much about it.  I just thought it was very interesting.  A number of Dutch army units have been put under control of the German army, I guess with this being the first sort of set of steps toward an EU-wide army.  That sounds like a creature out of Alex Jones’ nightmares.

Mike:  Doesn’t it?  Here’s what I would say is dangerous.  This sounds to me – and I bet it will sound to many other people as that news gets out and gets around.  This sounds to me as though the EU is aware, quite acutely aware that the UK is probably going to bolt.  As a matter of fact, if the UK knows what’s good for it, it probably has to bolt.  What may follow is Hungary and a few other countries that are going Christian in their constitutions and in their makeup are probably going to bolt as well.  What seems to me is happening here is a realignment of those peoples that might have, sort of, kinda agreed on policy and on the way things ought to be in Europe at the end of the monarchy of Kaiser Wilhelm, at the beginning of the German National Socialist Party.  Then another opportunity is Veritas_earbuds_listenarising for yet another strong-arm entity to rear its ugly head.  Look, the Brits are – look what happens again.  The Brits wind up being isolated.  Why?  Because the Brits, even though they’re Anglican, have retained more of their former Catholicism and more of their attachment to ancient tradition and ancient moral code and ancient method of conduct than their other European counterparts have.

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Bloom:  Maybe.  It’s also possible that the British people just understand that the EU is a bad deal for them.  Maybe it’s not their Catholic roots, but maybe it’s their Anglo-Dutch mercantile values.

Mike:  I would say their Catholic roots or their Christian roots as well.  My point is that they’re probably, other than Spain and Italy and the aforementioned Hungary and Poland, they’re probably, of the large EU countries, the country that has retained the most.  There’s some residual grace there, I guess is the point.  Why does –

Bloom:  Speaking of secession, one of the other stories I sent you was this New York Times piece.  It follows on the thing we talked about last week –

Mike:  I saw it.

Bloom:  – about those Democrats in St. Louis that wanted to become their own state.  The New York Times this week, I guess in Saturday’s paper, came out with this article about how this is happening all across the South, in Durham, NC; Jackson, MS; Dallas.  These sort of liberal urban cores are wanting more self-determination from their wicked conservative states.  I thought about writing a quasi-satire piece about two Republican politicians, making the point: Let them go.  You’ll be making the same argument soon enough.  You need to show magnanimity.  A case for Republican politicians to let liberal cities secede.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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