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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I would say that during the eight years of the Obama presidency, many of us did a lot more praying than we’d ever done before.  Maybe we ought to give Obama some thanks for that.  Trumpzilla was at the Lincoln Memorial last night.  Bad choice of venues.  There is a lot of Lincoln worship going on out there.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I would say that during the eight years of the Obama presidency, many of us did a lot more praying than we’d ever done before.  Maybe we ought to give Obama some thanks for that.  Trumpzilla was at the Lincoln Memorial last night.  Bad choice of venues.  There is a lot of Lincoln worship going on out there.  There was a discussion yesterday in many media circles and social media outlets about who was the best president ever.  Somebody said president this, president that.  Somebody said it was President Franklin Delanobama Roosevelt, etc. etc.  I participated in a forum on the eve of Obama’s inauguration in 2013.  I was invited by Professor Brion McClanahan to rank – they gave us an online form.  I think it was through the ISI, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

This is when I knew I was somebody.  I was on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  When you’re an independent broadcaster, you’re a nobody these days, right?  I’m happy to be nobody.  I’m overjoyed to be nobody.  Back in the day when some people thought I was somebody and they used to talk to me – no names will be granted here, but some of you know those who no longer speak with yours truly because: He went weird and started his own internet radio.  By the way, it’s not internet radio; it’s radio that’s delivered – it’s a freaking radio station that just happens to be delivered over the internet.  It can also be delivered over a telephone line.  It can also be delivered over a cell phone, which, last I checked, Pandora – nobody thinks that Pandora is internet radio.  It’s radio.  It just happens to be delivered over the internet.  But let the slander occur as it may.

I was asked to participate in this ranking of the worst presidents, or presidents in order of achievements.  You would give your choice of who you thought was the best president and who you thought was the worst.  I’ll never forget this.  Kevin Gutzman chose President Tyler, John Tyler.  There was controversy over that.  [mocking] “I can’t believe that.  You’re kicked out of the league of Ivy League wannabe professors, Gutzman.  That’s it, you’ll never write in this town again, pal.”  Demanding to know why Gutzman had chosen Tyler.  I might suggest you go to my website,, today and look it up.  Search for worst presidents and you’ll find a transcript between Professor Gutzman and me.  He explains why he chose President Tyler.  Note that he didn’t choose President Jefferson.

In any event, it is undoubtable, not debatable, the worst president in the history of the planet was dishonest Abe Lincoln.  Don’t even argue with me.  Save your breath and your keystrokes.  It’s not worth debating.  If there is no Lincoln, then there is no – [mocking] “The worst president was President Johnson.”  That’s a Yankee carpetbagger – that’s an RSTLN and E Yankee carpetbagger that we hear all the time.

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Let me get to this clip here.  I have so much Jefferson stuff that I want to get to here.  Be warned, at the end of Trump’s little speech here, which is just what Trump does, you’re going to hear him pledge to build the military up.  Now, I’m going to say this for the benefit of you decepticons who still think that having standing armies that grow larger in size over time is a good idea.  At the end of the speech, you’re going to hear him say he’s going to make the military great and bigger and badder than it’s ever been before.  If Vladimir Putin goes and gives that speech and says that he’s going to build the Russian military up and make Russia great, that’s a prelude to war.  If anyone else on Earth says this sort of thing – if the president of Argentina said they were going to build up the military and make it great again and bigger and badder, then we would be at DEFCON 2.  [mocking] “Get the nukes ready.”  But we’re America, you see.  We’re the drunken sailors with our hands on the launching or the use of weapons that the rest of the world does not have, or most of the rest of the world doesn’t have.

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Here’s Trump’s speech from last night.  Some of it is good.  When you get to the end, folks, you’re going to see – I think this is what’s going to come out of the Trump presidency.  I’ll just use my intuition, thank God for it, and maybe I’ll be correct; maybe I won’t.  People are going to become apprised of the fact that there is no federal solution to this madness.  The solution lies in restoring the order.  It’s the only solution.  There is no other solution.  Anyone that tells you anything else is lying to you.  The solution is to restore the order.  That’s the fact, Jack.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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