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Veritas et Sapientia-First They’ll Come For Your “Gay Kids” Then…

Mandeville, LA – “If a married Christian couple is unfit to be foster parents because they would teach their children that homosexual conduct is immoral, then it would follow that a married Christian couple who teaches their natural children the same lesson is just as unfit, especially if the lesson harms gays and lesbians and lacks any rational basis. Moreover, the whole idea of “natural children,” offspring that are the unique responsibility of a mother and a father whose coupling brought them into being, means that accurately identifying such children and their parents and the moral obligations that go along with these roles do not require a state or government.

They are, as they say, pre-political. But since homosexual unions cannot by their nature produce children, any children such unions call their own must be post-political. That is, they require a state and the legal cooperation of heterosexual unions (including in-vitro fertilization) to produce children that gays may adopt. This seems to imply that natural families are the ideal by which we measure, and try to replicate in, other arrangements. For the law to acknowledge this, however, and to suggest that there may be a qualitative difference between pre- and post-political “families” is by implication, according to Judge Walker, harmful to gays and lesbians, and “an artifact of a foregone notion that men and women fulfill different roles in civic life.” For that reason, there can be no “natural children” in a world in which the Johns are unfit to be foster parents.

So, here is the future: if the state can declare the Johns unfit to be foster parents, and thus deny them foster children, because they may teach these children the Christian understanding of human sexuality, then the state, armed with Judge Walker’s premises, can declare any married couple unfit to be parents, and thus remove their natural children from their home, because these parents, in fact, teach their children the same lesson the Johns were forbidden from teaching. For it is a lesson that is irrational and harms others, and thus to impart it to one’s children is a form of child abuse. As Leonard Cohen would put it, “There’ll be the breaking of the ancient western code. Your private life will suddenly explode.” – Francis Beckwith, The Catholic Thing, June, 2010

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