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Veritas et Sapientia-The Girlie Man Popularity of Jordan Peterson, Millennial Guru

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s note: Jordan Peterson has done some yeoman’s work in the trenches of cultural correctness yet there is a nagging lack of The Thing in his presentations that has prevented me from becoming what my friend Debbie Schlussel describes as a “fan-boy”. Gary Potter put this suspicion of mine into words and I am happy to reproduce them here courtesy of Brother André Marie’s – M.C.]

“The second thing to say is that a substantial number of millennials must sense that, as enmeshed in it as they are by modern culture, their way of life is not as it should be. How else explain, for instance, the very striking current popularity, especially among young men, of Dr. Jordan Peterson?

If you are unfamiliar with him, he is a Canadian clinical psychologist, author of the Amazon number-one bestseller 12 Rules for Life, and star of a series of YouTube videos in which he criticizes political correctness. As lifestyle gurus go, Peterson is far from being the worst He is a lot better than, say, Oprah. The trouble with him is that his prescriptions are finally as thin and unsubstantial – as lite – as the notions held by his fans before they discovered him. He does not stand on solid ground. He used to describe himself as Christian but more recently does not. Asked if he believes in God, he has answered, “I think the proper answer to that is No, but I’m afraid He might exist.” I’d say, in sum, that he promotes an ethos that is basically Christian but unencumbered by the conviction born of faith that a Palestinian peasant two thousand years ago is God. This is to speak of a kind of Christianity without Christ, a form of the religion that is not religious and thus can be practiced only for as long as it is convenient. It is perfect for a filtered-cigarette and lite beer generation, a generation that could be described as liking life lite.

This brings me to the third thing to be said of our girlie culture: It is a natural development to go from living lite to believing in God lite if you’re going to believe in Him at all.” – Gary Potter, God Lite, A Girlie Religion For A Girlie Culture.

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