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Kevin Gutzman – 14th Amendment Does Not Confer Birthright Citizenship

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – It’s the same old song and dance.  What could we do that would undermine American nationality, that would cause further extended, bloated federal government spending, that would tend to undermine conservative policy and principles in America in the long term?  Let’s say every Honduran who sneaks into the country illegally across the Mexican border who has a baby, that baby is a citizen.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  There was a bit of a delay, but we finally made contact with our special guest, Dr. Professor Kevin Gutzman, who is on the Dude Maker Hotline.  It’s been a while, professor.  How are you, old friend?

Kevin Gutzman:  Hello, Mike.  How are you?

Mike:  I am well.  You’re not as well as you were this summer because you’re back in class now, aren’t you?

Gutzman:  No, it doesn’t start until next Wednesday for me.  Actually it’s supposed to start on Monday but I’m having rotator cuff surgery on Monday, so Wednesday it is.

Mike:  I didn’t know that you were a Nolan Ryan wannabe.

Gutzman:  I’m not precisely certain how I injured my shoulder but it had something to do with weight lifting.

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The heroic adventures of El Cid is a great read for men, age 12 - up
The heroic adventures of El Cid is a great read for men, age 12 – up

Mike:  I think I’d like to have an American citizen today.  What do you think?  Northward bound.  Road trip.  Yes, Conchita, let’s have a road trip.

Gutzman:  All I’ve got to do is walk across the border into New Mexico and voila.  This is an absurdity.  This is what we get.  It’s not just Bill O’Reilly.  Its various associated left-wing blowhards on radio and TV and in the papers telling us: Of course the 14th Amendment means this.  What else would it mean?

Mike:  It’s the miracle amendment.

Gutzman:  People were concerned that recently-freed black slaves weren’t being given the right to enter into a contract for labor and then go to court and enforce the contract.  Clearly their answer to that was to say that 20 percent of Mexico could come into the country illegally and then if they had babies those babies were automatically citizens.  How else would you have addressed the problem of former slaves not having rights themselves?  That had to be the answer.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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