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HEADLINE: The Second Amendment Has Always Been An Individual Right by David Harsanyi

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HEADLINE: Police raid office of US bishops’ president for evidence of abuse cover-up by Doug Mainwaring

  • Holy orders of the Priesthood, cases in Lafayette or someplace like that, can’t recall exactly.
  • There was a time when there was a certain amount of respect for the collar, now Americans walk around wondering if that Priest is a sexual predator.
  • How do you get a search warrant these days? You go to a judge.
  • What do you tell a judge?
  • See all roads lead back to the Chicago Satanic activity. The Lavender Mafia starts there.
  • Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, former Priest that was moved around after sexual allegations, we wonder if he is singing like a little songbird in prison.
  • I don’t wish for this to happen but we know human nature.
  • Each Archdiocese has to keep a ledger on any and all allegations that are brought to the forefront.
  • Why don’t these Archbishops just do the right thing and step down when coverups like this come to the forefront?


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BACK TO HEADLINE: Police raid office of US bishops’ president for evidence of abuse cover-up by Doug Mainwaring

  • Earlier this month as the USCCB’s Annual Fall Assembly kicked off in Baltimore, DiNardo shocked the gathered prelates as he informed them of a last-minute directive from the Vatican telling the U.S. bishops to hold off on voting on two measures aimed at addressing the sexual abuse crisis in the U.S. Church. 
  • I simply don’t think these bad Bishops care.
  • They don’t truly believe therefore there is no reason to care.

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  1. The Second Amendment Has Always Been An Individual Right
  2. Why Sex Change Logic Requires Doctors To Perform Every Plastic Surgery Imaginable


HEADLINE: Why Sex Change Logic Requires Doctors To Perform Every Plastic Surgery Imaginable by Libby Emmons

  • Entire generations of young men being born without Patron Saint Names.
  • It is all over the athletic world. Just turn on a football game any given day.
  • I’m sick of this “I’m not happy with my body”, what about fatbastard rights?
  • Why can’t a fat person transition into a skinny person and have society pay for it?

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Caller Ashley from Florida

  • It is 48 degrees and it is freezing.
  • New Amsterdam – transgender child at the age of 14
  • Courageous Movie
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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception –

  • LIVE from Paris
  • Attended Mass and it was all in French.
  • Now currently enjoying a cigar at a restaurant called Saint Augustin
  • Nothing is safe, little mom and pop restaurants and shops have been bought out by big companies.
  • A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is now being published by Ignatius Press. We will have them soon in the Founders Tradin’ Post.
  • Dedicated to whom? He dedicated the book to Lucifer.
  • I am so tired, I thought today was Friday so I just ate vegetable soup.
  • I am about to speak to about 200 people on how to hack and how to defined. (neurologically)
  • We will record this talk and air it as a Reverse Deception.

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HEADLINE:The Second Amendment Has Always Been An Individual Right by David Harsanyi

  • Just because you and I disagree doesn’t mean I hate you. We can disagree, both give our facts and go from there.
  • What is this Federation you speak of?
  • I’m a pro-gun guy, I’m just not for the Federal government administering it.
  • How do we know it was never meant for single person but for militias?
  • This was specifically aimed at Congress not at the individual states.
  • The states sovereign entities all adopted them NOT individuals.
  • The constitution meaning the new Federal Government needs to be altered. See the 10th amendment.
  • coming…after the break

QUESTION FROM THE MIKE CHURCH CHATROOM: Did the War of 1812 disprove the viability of militias for “National” defense?   ANSWER: 5 Northern states refused to send troops because they were plotting the Hartford Convention and forming their own union. (THIS IS COVERED IN WHAT LINCOLN KILLED)

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David Harsanyi – has responded to my Tweet on the 2nd Amendment

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary





Special Guest Thomas K Sullivan founder The Warrior’s Rosary

You can follow Thomas Sullivan here:

Twitter – @ThomasKSullivan

Website – https://www.thewarriorsrosary.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

  • Specific intentions/purpose with these rosaries.
  • The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS in charge and it is best to just let Him lead you.
  • I spent many years in the military.
  • When I came back into the Church I discovered the structure of the Kingdom.
  • I realized I am a soldier of Christ, in the concept of His Kingdom, we are knights of Christ.
  • I would pray my rosary and be in the fight on the battlefield, then I would look at my rosary and fall out because it was ‘pretty’ it was ‘elegant’.
  • So, I decided to make one!
  • The guy asked, “are you sure you want to put Our Lord on a sword”?
  • Finally after 10 months the crucifix was finally done.

Our Father Beads/Shields on the Warrior’s Rosary –

  • The 1st medal you come to on this rosary is St. Joseph Terror of Demons.
  • The 2nd medal St. Michael the Archangel slaying the dragon Lucifer under his title as, “Invincible Warrior”.
  • The 3rd medal St. George of England under his title, “The Great Martyr”.
  • The 4th medal St. Louis IX King of France under his title, “Lieutenant of God”.
  • The 5th medal St. Ignatius of Loyola under his title, “Father General”.
  • The 6th medal Blessed Jose Louis Sanchez del Rio, a 14 year old Cristero martyred in Mexico under the title “Viva Christo Rey”.
  • The 1st war ever fought was in Heaven!!!!
  • Christianity is NOT all peace, love and kumbaya.
  • Little Blessed Jose Louis Sanchez del Rio – he absolutely refused to denounce Christ.
  • They threw things at him, they stabbed him, they did all manner of things to him but he absolutely refused! He simply kept shouting “Viva Christo Rey”!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Describing the Warrior’s Rosary

LOVE this little book you wrote – Called To Knighthood: The Sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom Family of God

  • Become children of God by the baptism of water, then confirmation was done when he goes out to battle Satan.
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