The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Tuesday primary contest that was NOT to be: Hatch survives to continue his assault on the Constitution as a “conservative”

Buchanan: 30 years, $2 TRILLION, 6,500 dead, 40,000 wounded and all for WHAT in the Middle East?

VIDEO: Hayek meets Santelli on CNBC as the old “no rules are good rules” method of stock trading are said to be the bane of the savvy investor (it also helps to study Austrian school economics)

More reasons WHY Parker/Spitzer was canned by CNN, just read Kathleen Parker’s screed against the good people of AZ, their governor and their laws (sovereign territory & law enforcement are mystical words to DeceptiCONS)

Buying the Home-Boom is right around the corner hype and thinking of jumping in the “housing market” because Uncle Bobo told you he likes the real estate gal in the Lexus? Read this first

Walter Williams: Time to end the Higher Education Crusade AND the zillions in resources and work ethic it is zapping

Take the ISI Civic Literacy Exam and see how much you have learned listening to the Mike Church Show and the Post Show Show in the last year 

Q: Can you be a “conservative” and a “green” too? Here’s another way to ask the question: can you be a conservative and reject the natural world? Read this book to find out

If you would like to know WHY you should be a true [r]epublican and REJECT Incorporation (of BOR) then the CA case of military crosses on MT Soledad is your inspiration 

WHY cite TSA specs in a story detailing the desecration of a man’s, fathers remains which were spilled out on the airport flow during a TSA “screening”?

For this that want to know WHY I am not a Scalia Urban Achievers Fan Club Member, start here

Consolidation & government growth (which I theorize CAUSES the former) begins consuming the great engine of American independence: Small business according to 2012 Census

DeceptiCONNED: MT GOP Rep runs as a promoter & defender of Medicare and the entitlement machine (oh, but he’s NOT business as usual)

Kevin Gutzman: The myth of “Executive privilege” exposed and demolished


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29 Responses
  1. Mike Wooten

    Well, I scored 82%…so looks like I need to bone up a bit..however, I do thank the King Dude for AT LEAST scoring an 82%

    It’s sad that most Americans don’t even know these simple things, yet can name the latest American Idol winner!


  2. KimmieSue

    81.82% on the test …. It’s a bit frightening to know that high school students score higher than politicians, politicians scored 44% on average. And I’m thinking it’s equally frightening that college educators only scored an average of 55% ! But I guess I should not be surprised …. After all we are living in Libtardia. Thanks for my early morning dose of (r)epublicanism education!

  3. smeffen

    You answered 27 out of 33 correctly — 81.82 %

    Not bad I guess, considering I quickly took the quiz at work. I do need to start cracking open some more books though. I have been slacking for a while now and it shows.

  4. Marc

    31/33 for a 93.94%. I am ashamed of my answer for the “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” question. I also missed the question about taxes = government spending, but I just figured that one out.

  5. TheKingDude

    From Listener (I think very short time) Jerry “O”

    Comments: People that vote for Obama are either incapable of reading or rational thought or just down right stupid and should not reproduce at all or they hate America and our system your choice, since Obama is a socialist Marxist raised by Marxist commies who hated the idea of America fact.

    So your either willfully blind and ignorant or you just hate America and want to see it fundamentality transformed into a socialist utopia.( how’s that working for you) like the one doing so well in Europe these days. or any time is human history, it always leads to mars wars and blood shed on the very people the needed to make this system work. and now very many years they have installed the engine of communism and Tyranny via or under the disguise tolerance and compromise coupled with political correctness.

    So you call your self a educated man really maybe might want rethink that!

    And yes the left right concept is total BS. many pretend so called righties are in fact progressive’s i.e. Marxist commies etc.. anti- Americans.

    No McCain is a flip flopping amnesty loving put foreigner first kind of of guy, but I don’t believe he is a Marxist commie etc..

    Obama has got us into 2 more wars how that’s working out for you..

    Mike at time you are nothing more than shock Jock, some times you have some really good points, other times your entirely in another universe. that us rational human beings are not aware of.

    I voted Chuck Baldwin in 08 and proud of it. Obama was going to win no matter want. he was needed wake up the sheep, mission accomplished some what. debating past events is only helpful in root cause analysis, to prevent the problem from happing again.

    1. Curt Aldridge

      It was painful suffering through this grammatical nightmare of a post. The absolutist tone you have adopted takes away from any credibility you may have had. You may be the smartest janitor in your building but I would suggest getting back to your broom and listening to some more Mike Church Show before making any more replies to a subject you haven’t grasped yet.

  6. Pastor Calvin H.

    I just took the ISI civic literacy exam and scored a 90.91%. The questions I missed dealt with economics.

  7. Robert Kmetz

    Hey Mike love the show. I got 26 out of 33, about a 79%. Looks like I need to do some more listening of your show to bring that grade up. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Scott Liberati

    Took the ISA Civics quiz. Scored a 78.79%. Not bad for a guy who had absolutely NO interest in US history in HS and passed my NYS Regents Exam with a 66% (back in 1984). Thanks for the edgamacation, Mike!

  9. Russ

    So your guru votes for the greater of two evils instead of the lesser. The only thing more idiotic than that would be to defend it. No wonder we’re living through this hell with tyat kind of genius in the world.

    1. TheKingDude

      Reagan gave us Kennedy. Reagan gave us O’Connor, Eisenhower nominated and confirmed Earl Warren, wanna call and debate that statement, Sir?

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