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Andrew Bieszad – Islam, No Religion Of Peace, Religion For The Perverted

If you want the Founders View on Many issues, the Spirit of 76 & Road to Independence has them, as they lived them!
If you want the Founders View on Many issues, the Spirit of 76 & Road to Independence has them, as they lived them!


Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript We’ll introduce Andrew Bieszad to the Mike Church Show on the Dude Maker Hotline.  Andrew – “In the Quran, what happens is you can actually — passages that were so-called “revealed” maybe five years ago — by the way, this is in terms of absolute truth.  Passages defining dogmas of absolute truth are revealed.  They can be switched out five years later or ten years later, [speaking Arabic], whenever Allah wills, as he wills, because of the sake of will itself.  So the passages that may have supported, in some ways, peaceful actions, are immediately swapped out with the more violent passages, which come at the end of Mohammed’s life.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We’ll introduce Andrew Bieszad to the Mike Church Show on the Dude Maker Hotline.  I guess I can call you Andrew.  Is that okay?

Andrew Bieszad:  That’s fine by me.  I’ve been called worse.

Read part 2 of this interview with Andrew Bieszad

Mike:  I found you through the website OnePeterFive.  I listened to your interview with the proprietor of that site.  It wasn’t 30 seconds after I listened to it that I sent emails out to my two producers and said: Please, contact Andrew Bieszad and try and get him on the show.  I think the Mike Church Show audience will really appreciate what it is you have to say, Andrew.  I know I certainly did.  I just sat there learning and going: Man, I didn’t know any of this.  Let me formally welcome you.

Bieszad:  Thank you.

Mike:  Let me inform the audience, you’re about to learn an awful lot here.  Let’s just start with the question — I heard you answer this when the proprietor of OnePeterFive, when Steve asked you this question.  Where in the Koran or in the Islamic teachings, let’s just start at the beginning, where do we get this “religion of peace”?  Feel free to use that wonderful Arabic that you use.

Bieszad:  By the way, I should also make a note to your audience that I’ve been in Islamic studies for about 17 years.  I’m very well versed in this and I encourage your audience to hit me with their best shot in terms of questions.  If I can’t answer it, I most likely know a source where you can get an answer, and I also like it when people ask me the difficult, the unorthodox, the so-called inappropriate questions.  If there’s ever been a time you’ve wanted to ask somebody the questions you never thought you could get an answer for, this is the time.

As far as the religion of peace, that comes from the Quran, 2:256.  It’s not actually in that passage, but the idea is that Islam accepts other religions alongside itself as equal.  However, that is not true if you look at the passage.  The other part where this quote comes from is in the actual word Islam.  People will say it means peace.  That is very deceitful.  Here’s why: in Arabic, the way the language works, it’s like Hebrew.  You build other words by adding letters around fixed consonants.  In other words, you start with the word to be peaceful “salaam.”  You can actually pick 10 to 17 different forms, they’re preset grammatically within the language, put different vowel or consonant patterns around them, and create new words.  Instead of saying salaam, you say salamu.  It means to greet somebody.  If you say As-Salamu, that form means to impose something.  Islam literally means to impose peace on somebody upon somebody or something, to force peace on somebody, aka submission or to submit.

Mike:  If we were speaking Latin, this would be a declension of a word but it could mean something else.  It could be used in a different case or a different sense, right?

Bieszad:  Exactly.  It’s a completely different case.  Something in Islam that is very unique, that most people do not understand, is that Islam has a concept called Pia.  Literally it means piety.  Their concept is that as long as something is being [speaking Arabic] it is not sinful, because in Islam [speaking Arabic], the ends justify the means.

Mike:  The ends justify the means, so this is how you can get away with or you can be instructed to perform horrific acts of violence, because you are allegedly serving Allah, right?

Bieszad:  Exactly.  It’s even better from the Islamic perspective.  As long it is being done — remember, in the cause of Allah, it is not sinful.  So you can do anything, literally anything, as long as you’re doing it for the cause of Allah.  I mean that literally.

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Mike:  We have the religion of peace out of the way.  My next question is: Where does it say that the jihad or where do we get the — is the word jihad actually used in the Quran?  If so, how is it used?  What did it mean to the first people that read it or created it?  How did jihad come about?

Bieszad:  Jihad has been a long-running concept in Arabia.  A little bit of backstory here, you’ll find this mentioned in the Quran many times.  You’ll see Mohammed, what looks like arguing, with people, arguing through Allah’s speech with people he disagrees with.  In Islam, nothing that Mohammed said was actually original.  If you look at all the texts, you can trace it back at some point to either a Christian practice, usually an historian or monophysite — those are the two main heresies of the day — to some kind of Yemenite Jewish practice, or to the various pagan practices that existed around Arabia and parts of northeastern Africa at the time.  Jihad originally, literally does mean holy war.  It is related to the word “to struggle;” however, the form it is in means to struggle with each other against others for some kind of common cause.  The idea is you’re struggling with your fellow believers for Allah against [speaking Arabic], the infidels.

Originally they used to have pagan Arab tribes that used to kill each other over their different gods that they worshiped.  The Arab tribes at Mohammed’s time actually followed the pantheon of the Greeks and Romans, albeit with their own names, of course.  What they did is they would fight each other to see whose god was more powerful.  Mohammed simply took that concept, transferred it to his religion, and called it his own.

Mike:  Andrew has an MA in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary.  This is everything you ever wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask.  My next question is: What is going on in Nigeria right now, which I will ask if you’re familiar with, with Boko Haram.

Bieszad:  Very much.

Mike:  That sounds to me — I’m reading the book right now by Bat Ye’or, The Decline of Eastern… — it sounds to me, as I read it, like this is the jihad and the early caliphates that she was describing.  Would you agree?

Read part 2 of this interview with Andrew Bieszad

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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8 Responses
  1. David Lewenz

    This was one of the best interviews you have had Mike. It has left me speechless as to the mad max factor that we are facing. The only way to kill the snake is to cut off its head. War hawk or No War Hawk, this group of animals must be destroyed one by one, till none are standing. And if it means that many non- fanantics or causal collateral must die in the battle, as this does happen in war, than let the war begin, and I will be the first to sign up at age 58 to kill these animals and fight the fight for the betterment of mankind.

  2. Lanon Clayton

    enjoyed interview with Andrew very enlightening got me to think Ali is nothing more than Satin himself or some high ranking spirit on the dark side. there is no humanity in these horrible acts of violence. I’m sick of hearing how Islam is a religion of peace this guy connected to dots for me thanks!

  3. Scott Callen

    !. You should have Mr Biezad on once a week for at least 2hrs!!
    2.For a bumper you should consider “e publista” from Star Trek. Shatner is great! Its easy to find on youboob.
    3 Play War Pigs when you speak of hussien and his Not war with isis. Notice he is the only one who calls it isil? Isis was an Egyptian godess and a saterday morning tv show in the 70s.
    Finally great show I have been a loyal listener since 2006. I even have a dude number but damned if i know what it is ! in the 4000s.

    Thank you

  4. Samuel of Atlanta, GA

    Mike, I was impressed and shocked with the religious wisdom that your guest , Andrew Bieszad, shared on Friday’s show. Finally an expert on the subject of Islam is articulating what this faith is truly about – domination of this world! It’s frightening and disturbing at first blush. It is now clear why all of these radical “offshoots” of Islam are so bent on genocide. The ‘radical-apple’ doesn’t fall far from the Islamic tree, does it?
    Islam is clearly the antithesis of the Judea Christian principles that America was founded on. But I don’t let this cultivate hatred within my heart for its followers; in fact the opposite occurs. When I interact with a Moslem I simply try to show them Christ; whether in action of the sharing of His words from the Bible. I imagine that’s what Jesus would do. Which evokes a notion of interviewing a Moslem who has converted to Christianity. There are some compelling stories of these lives who were transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ.

  5. Shawnda

    I think this broadcast is what’s wrong in the world. I by no means define myself as a theologian or politician but I have spent several weeks (months) in an Islamic country and the Muslims everywhere were more kind and generous and thoughtful and peace-loving than ANY American I’ve met in my 40+ years in the U.S. I heard this broadcast yesterday morning and I was extremely disgusted that your show would condone degrading a religion. All this does is throw yet another division between Christians (Americans) and Islam. Why put down another person’s beliefs? This country of ours was built on freedom. Timothy McVay was not Muslim, Branch Davidian was not Muslim….we have crazy everywhere. And we should not let the actions of a few affect our judgment of the whole. Come on, America… Let’s fight against those who try to destroy others through evil but let’s support those who are different yet kind. Not ALL Muslims believe in killing and hate, this is the big lie.

  6. ray masters

    Great guest. PLEASE have him on again for a longer segment or better yet, as a guest host to speak on Islamic studies. I could have listened for 3 hours straight! Thanks!

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