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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I think you would have a revolution in thought before you’d have a revolution in government, meaning you would know and you will know when a clamoring mass of people are agitated enough and in sufficient numbers to either demand a change or to effect a change as a result of that demand.  People keep asking the same question, don’t they?  Isn’t that interesting?  They all want to know when the next phase begins.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Scott is in Kansas.

Caller Scott:  Good morning, Mike, how’s it going?

Mike:  All right, Scott.  How you doing?

Caller Scott:  I wanted to say thanks for your show.  I appreciate everything you do and all that.

Mike:  Thank you very much.

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Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!

Henry_detail_ChristmasCaller Scott:  I’ve just got a quick comment here, actually a comment and question for you.  My first comment is, the scenario is I’m at work and watching Fox, trying to see what CNN is putting on and how it’s going back and forth.  A guy comes in and he goes: Do you mind if I change the station?  I said: Yeah, sure, go ahead.  I’m sitting there trying to eat and he changes it.  They’re watching the race car deal with Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon and all that.  I’m sitting there and his buddies come up.  You know what, Mike?  Instead of these people being concerned about what’s going on right now, they sat there and watched that and talked about that for about 45 minutes while in my brain, I’m concerned.

Mike:  Right.

Caller Scott:  Who’s paying attention?  The reason we’re in the situation we’re in is because people are not paying attention and people don’t care.  Second, I’d like to ask you a question —

Mike:  If we can just go one point at a time, if you’re a Founders Pass member on my site, log in and go to the member homepage and download the eBook that we produced from Arthur Stansbury’s Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States.  This is a book that was written in 1827 and Stansbury was an educator.  He was concerned.  You just mentioned that your buddies are watching racecars instead of watching news and knowing what’s going on.  We often tend to think that we are the first people that have suffered or have lived alongside people that are apathetic and don’t care.  That’s not the case.  If you read the introduction to Stansbury’s book, I’ll just read you the first paragraph, you can assuage yourself or comfort yourself a little bit in knowing that, as Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  You have to be eternally vigilant.  We are not the first people who have dealt with apathy.  Here’s what Stansbury opens the book with:

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That a people living under a free government which they have themselves originated should be well acquainted with the instrument which contains it, needs not to be proved. Were the system, indeed, very cumbrous and extensive, running into minute detail, and hard to be retained in the memory, even this would be no good reason why pains should not be taken to understand and to imprint it upon the mind; but when its principles are simple, its features plain and obvious, and its brevity surpassing all example, it is certainly a most reprehensible negligence to remain in ignorance of it.— Yet how small a portion of the citizens of this Republic have even a tolerable acquaintance with their own Constitution?  It has appeared to the author of the following sheets that this culpable want of acquaintance with what is of such deep interest to us all, is to be traced to the omission of an important part of what ought to be an American education, viz, the study of the civil institutions of our country.— We prize them, it is true, and are quite enough in the habit of boasting about them: would it not be well to teach their elements to those whose best inheritance they are?

james-madison-gutzman-ad-sign[end reading]

Mike:  Back in 1827, there were a bunch of loafers that were probably watching the 1827 equivalent of NASCAR, just so you’ll know.

Caller Scott:  It’s just amazing, Mike, to see those of us who are concerned and awake and the ones who are still just kind of like walking dead.  The second comment or question I have for you is — I hate to throw this out there to appear to be an extremist or whatever — when do you think the second Concord is going to happen, Mike?  What is going to sweeten the Kool-Aid to the tipping point?

Mike:  The second Concord?  What was the first Concord?  I’m not following.

Caller Scott:  When they had the revolution with —

Mike:  You’re calling 1776 a Concord.

Caller Scott:  Sure.  When is this thing going to pop?  It’s going to have to — either they give us our rights and liberties back or something’s going to have to happen.

Mike:  I don’t have a crystal ball.  I am going to be wholly inadequate to the task of trying to predict the future.  I will tell you, though, Scott, since this question keeps coming up and people keep asking it of me [mocking] “When is it going to happen?  When is the bottom going to fall out?”  Just follow the program for a moment here.  I just demonstrated to the gentleman that we are not alone in 2013 in having to do with clods that are imbeciles and have no knowledge or very little knowledge of how our self-government under our Constitution is supposed to work.  They seem not to be concerned about it and they seem not to care about it.

If in the first instance we are similar to the people of 1827, in that regard, and I think we are, what evidence do we have to suggest that there’s going to be any different outcome than the one we are currently all living.  After all, we are living history right now.  We may not think of it like that, but 100 years from now, someone is going to be called a historian and they are going to read what you and I are writing, what you and I are speaking, what you and I are recording as audio and video.  We are living it today.  What evidence do we have to suggest that the growth of the State we have witnessed since 1827 and the people living under the Constitution that have allowed it, what evidence do we have to suggest that that is not going to be the continuing course for the foreseeable future?  I’d say that the evidence is to the contraire, that you’ll continue to see more of the same.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailThat’s not a guarantee that it has to happen that way, and that’s not a guarantee that there’s not anything that can be done to slow it down, but if you were a betting man, you’d put odds on what we’re currently doing continuing.  The longshot is what he was talking about, the revolution.  I think you would have a revolution in thought before you’d have a revolution in government, meaning you would know and you will know when a clamoring mass of people are agitated enough and in sufficient numbers to either demand a change or to effect a change as a result of that demand.  AG, people keep asking the same question, don’t they?  Isn’t that interesting?  They all want to know when the next phase begins.

AG:  I don’t know if we mentioned this on the air on Friday, but it’s something where we talk a lot about that tipping point, yet we all love, for the most part, reelecting our own local congressmen to office.  I always wonder: Great, we have a 15 percent approval rating for Congress, yet 90, 95 percent of our members of Congress get reelected.  I always wonder, not to be self-critical, but is it a lot of talk that we’re doing because of the action of going to the polls and voting seems to perpetuate the cycle as usual, even though nationally we may be thoroughly upset with what’s going on in DC.

Mike:  In other words, what you’re saying is that everyone else’s member of Congress is screwed up but not mine.

AG:  It kind of looks like that, right?

For more on Ben Franklin, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!
For more on Ben Franklin, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!

Mike:  [mocking] “That member of Congress, yeah, I don’t know how they keep getting elected.”  Well, how does your member keep getting elected?  I’ll tell you one of the reasons why, and that’s because they’re not elected by us anymore.  Our ability to change or alter the Congress is minimized by the fact that a member of Congress represents 700,000-plus souls.  There was a study that came out the other day and they projected the population of the United States in 2030 will be sufficient so that if the House stays at 435 members, then a member of Congress will represent over 1 million people.  How is that representative?  How could you possibly represent anyone if there are 1 million souls to be accountable to?  What can 1 million people agree to?  We can’t even agree to the color of the sky in the morning and you’re going to claim representation?

We have built and are currently functioning under an aristocracy of sorts.  I call it a corporatist oligarchy, and I think that’s a pretty good example.  In other words, business that colludes — that’s most business — with government is what is controlling the political process.  The gentleman asked: When are we going to get our liberties back?  You’re not going to get them back.  They’re not in the practice, once they claim the power of dismissing it, they’re not in the practice and it defies the organic nature of government that it is ever going to renounce a power that it has assumed.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be repealed: witness Obamacare.  Answer this question.  So the Obamacare website doesn’t work.  Everyone knows it doesn’t work.  I have a clip from Fox News Sunday of the Obama mouthpiece for the Affordable Care Act or saying that at the end of November the website is going to work, at the end of November.  So in December, the site is going to function.  This is greeted with great fanfare and with great news.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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