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Blasphemer Katy Perry, Meet Saint Catherine Of Sienna


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Mandeville, LA  – This is what happens when “God” can be whatever you want him to be and do whatever you wish him to do without you doing anything for him . Much like the Heresy promoted by the über-rich, ludicrous TV & radio “preachers” who feign to believe “God” just wants you to say at least once while drawing breath “I accept Jesus as my personal savior” then it is off to the free market to go collect your riches, vacation home and material wealth.

I won’t pretend t know whether Ms. Perry heard “God” but I would like to think I would recognize a Saint when I see one; like St Catherine of Sienna, who was so troubled at thinking she was better than the cruel, foul-mouthed woman she was bathing who had skin cancer lesions, in penance, St Catherine DRANK the water she was wiping the open sores with, begging God’s forgiveness for her Pride. Here is a part of that story.

When she was required, as an act of obedience, to take some food, she suffered so greatly by so doing, that the request was not repeated. After some time, Christ commanded her to be kind and charitable to her neighbors, and she began to nurse the sick with an indescribable loving care. Among others, she attended to two women, of whom one was afflicted with leprosy, the other with cancer. In nursing them she evinced the most perfect self-control.

She pressed the offensive matter out of the sores and cleansed them with water. Feeling disgust, she drank the purulent matter which she had kept in a vessel mixed with water, saying to her confessor that she had never tasted anything more agreeable. Christ appeared to her on the following night, praised her self-mortification and rewarded her with great interior peace and tranquillity. It was hard for her to bear when this very woman, whom she had so tenderly nursed, instigated by Satan, not only complained of her, but slandered her in the whole city. But Christ visited her and presenting to her two crowns, one of gold, the other of thorns, said: “Which of these two do you desire?” Catherine answered: “Lord, I desire to resemble Thee in this life, and it is a joy to me to suffer as Thou didst:” and with these words she took the crown of thorns and pressed it upon her head. Christ, upon this, commanded her to continue her charity towards the sick, which she did with unprecedented patience and kindness. Her love towards those whose souls were diseased, was still more tender, and she offered for such her prayers and many penances, through which means she obtained from God the conversion of many sinners, who otherwise would have gone to destruction. She prayed three whole days for a certain woman who was dangerously sick, and who hated the Saint most bitterly. At last, she said to Christ: “I will not move from this place until Thou givest me this soul.” He graciously complied with her request by converting the woman and giving her a happy death.

The immodest,[I don’t believe God is] “an old man sitting on a throne”, blasphemer (“I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell”) Ms Perry is no Saint.

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