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This Is Your Brain On Aquinas & This IS Your Brain On Marx-Any Questions?

Mandeville, LA – There used to be public service announcements from the United Negro College Fund that stated: The United Negro College Fund: Because A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. We agree and we also agree that ALL ‘Murican minds save for those blessed with blessed parents who’ve sought blessed instruction in Philosophy: the study of thinking. There is no substitute for the “handmaiden of theology”, Philosophy, than the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas & Aristotle. There’s a great scene in the Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein where Young Frank – played by Gene Wilder – learns that his bungling assistant Eyegore – played by Marty Feldman – has given him an “abbie-normal” brain to put inside the skull of the now alive Frankenstein monster – played by Peter Boyle. Wilder hysterically confirms this, then enters and argument with “Frau Blucher” – played by Cloris Leachman -over the “rotten” state of the monster’s brain. When the monster escapes he appropriately can only be made “happy” by material things: sex, food, booze and cigars but once a transfer of “wisdom juice” from Wilder’s brain to the monster’s is completed, the creature now “thinks” and eschews sex for reading the Wall Street Journal. It is not a stretch to observe that the average ‘Murican’s brain is identical to Boyle’s and remains in a fruitless, relentless pursuit of material consumption and gluttony and nearly devoid of contemplating the good the true and the beautiful and the ultimate purpose of things.

St. Thomas Aquinas’s philosophical masterpiece the Summa Theologica is among the most profound works, once heavily studied and relied upon, to learn the philosophic method of thinking. St Thomas’s companion work to the Summa, de Homine (About Man) places Man in the center, indeed the purpose of all creation and is a profound course of study to teach us how to think properly. Beginning Wednesday, February 8th at 06:00 p.m. Our course lectures will be taught by the brilliant Brother Francis Maluf and our weekly classroom instructor is the one and only Brother André Marie. To participate simply download the lecture series, listen to at least this week’s current lecture then attend the lively chatroom and radio classroom, Wednesday’s on The CRUSADE Channel. Click here to officially join the course emailing list (it is free to listen on Wednesday’s on The CRUSADE Channel but students are responsible for their own lecture series.)

De Homine means “about man.” It is one of the 35 treatises or books which constitute the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas. Using the Summa, Brother Francis guides his students through a fascinating course that deals with all that can be known about human nature both by unaided reason and from revelation.

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