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This “little gem of a history book” has arrived at Mike Church’s Founder’s Tradin’ Post and is selling out fast in its limited edition, cloth covered hardback. Order today!

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Brother Alexis Bugnolo of the Ordo Militaris is with us.  Someone just made the observation in the chat room, and I had the exact same thought.  Brother Bugnolo is no fruitcake, but he’s so far outside the box that even Trad Caths have to do a double take.  It’s not that Brother is so far outside the box, because I don’t think you are, and I don’t think Brother Andre is either.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Brother Alexis Bugnolo of the Ordo Militaris is with us.  We’re talking about – as I’m listening to you talk, I’m going: This man is either divinely inspired or he’s a fruitcake, one of the two.  Who would undertake such a task?  I think I might have asked you last time, did this appear in a dream?  Did the Blessed Mother come and visit you?  Did St. Francis appear in an apparition?

Brother Alexis Bugnolo:  No.

Mike:  Tell the listeners how this came about.

Br. Bugnolo:  Before I became a friar, I read a twelve-volume history on the Crusades.  I know a lot about Crusades, more than most people.  What I’m proposing just seems so obvious and common sense to me because I’m a Medievalist.  I read books about the Middle Ages and I wish it would come back.  It’s just common sense, Catholic way of acting.  This is the way Catholics have acted for millennia.  It’s just in the United States we haven’t been allowed even to think to act this way.

We need to break out of our Masonic mold and start living like Catholics.  If America is a free country, let’s use our liberty to do something that’s really good.  Let’s not be ashamed of being Catholics and acting like Catholics.  We’re about defense.  Some people will contact me and say: You’re about waging war against Islam.  I say: No, we’re not, because we’re about defending Catholics.  If the Muslims aren’t attacking Catholics, we aren’t going to attack them.  What would be the purpose of that?  That’s not Christian.  That’s the history of the Catholic faith.  A lot of people try to rephrase the Crusades as war on Islam.  It never was a war on Islam.  It was always defensive.

Mike:  Or rescue missions.

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Br. Bugnolo:  By investing with us, you will help our order get founded, get on the ground, start activity.  You will be changing the history of civilization because this will be the Catholic Risorgimento.  When we break out of the mold of the Masonic states the West have put us in, and realize we have the right to bear arms, not only as civilians but also as Catholics, and not just to defend ourselves but also defend our brothers and sisters overseas.  As private citizens, we have a right to engage in private activities, which are law-abiding, that defend Christians overseas.  Humanitarian also means using guns.  I love that quote by the proposed new secretary of defense: Some people just have to be shot.

Mike:  I have another question for you from the chat room.  People want to know – there are Protestants that wish to volunteer their services, but our friend, who I believe you met and sat and chatted with, Jeff Johnson at St. Benedict Center, says he talked to you about this.  He’s a firearm instructor and he volunteered his services.  He understood you to say that you’re only recruiting Catholic men to serve in any capacity in Ordo Militaris.  True or false?

Br. Bugnolo:  No, I did not say that.  I would say our commanders will be Catholics, but the men who want to server with us, even if they be instructors, they just have to be willing to get along with Catholics.  If they come –

Mike:  There you go.

Br. Bugnolo:  – they’re going to see a picture of Our Lady holding the child Jesus.  They’ll see a Catholic chapel.  They’ll see our Catholic men attending mass every day.  They can’t pull out a chick [ph] track and start arguing with us about the mass.  It depends where they’re coming from.  It’s not like we’re going to make them attend Catholic mass or anything like that.  In war, you accept anyone who’s willing to help you.  That’s what we’re willing to do.  Even from the point of investors, a non-Catholic could be an investor with us.  He just has to understand that we’re a Catholic corporation and that’s in our charter and that’s we intend to remain.

Mike:  That’s a great answer.  That’s exactly what the guys were looking for.  You can put me down for a share of Y series [ph].  I’ll be the first to say I’m in.  I have an observation for you and another question or two.  Someone just made the observation in the chat room, and I had the exact same thought.  Brother Bugnolo is no fruitcake, but he’s so far outside the box that even Trad Caths have to do a double take.  It’s not that Brother is so far outside the box, because I don’t think you are, and I don’t think Brother Andre is either.  I can’t stand labeling Catholics.  I think some people do do a double take because they go: Wow, I’ve never heard of that.  That doesn’t sound right.

Ordo MilitarisThis is a result of the paradigm poisoning.  I like to talk all the time about the paradigm.  We are living in a paradigm.  You call it a Masonic paradigm.  I’m okay with that.  This whole thing, there’s nothing organic, beautiful, or true about the paradigm.  The paradigm says that when you are born, we’re going to give you a social security number, and you’re going to spend your entire life as an American citizen in pursuit of wages which are going to generate taxes, and taxes are going to generate government and make-work and all the other things that go along with it.  There is nothing in the paradigm that says you are born a human child of God.  Your duty to your maker is for your soul to make it back from whence it came.

Throughout the entire history of Christianity, from 3:01 p.m. on the 25th of March 33 AD, all the way up until the 17th century, what I just said is how every Christian tried to live.  They were led by fallen men.  It’s all true.  They were led by fallen men.  There were apostasies.  There were heresies.  There were wars.  We’re human.  We’re not perfect.  We’re born with original sin.  We have to deal with that.  What I just said is, by and large, true.  That doesn’t compute with the modern man who lives in this fake paradigm that has been created here for us.  Brother Alexis, what say you?

Br. Bugnolo:  I’d say I totally agree.  I’ll explain why this is.  You’re not going to hear it from the Catholic press because they are a for-profit organizations – if they’re for-profit, they don’t want to affect their business, so they don’t want to do things that are too outside the box, or they’re afraid of losing advertisers.  If they’re nonprofit or religious or it’s actually the Church or a chapel, they can’t talk about these things.  Not only can’t they talk about them, they’re encouraged and inclined to tell you not to talk about them.  We run into this.

For example, we were going to place an ad in the National Catholic Register, which is the largest circulation Catholic paper in the United States.  It would cost a fair amount of money.  Everything was set to go.  The advertising department said: We have to talk to our CEO.  The CEO told them there would be grave implications if we ran an ad for this organization, internationally grave implications.  You mean you would save a Catholic from being murdered, that would be grave?  The statement came from – I have it written, so there’s no point in hiding it.  Michael Warsaw, CEO of EWTN, he thinks there would be grave implications.  I wasn’t given his email; this was just communicated third person.  I would say to him: Do you just realize what you said?  Was that written in a Masonic lodge, or did you as a Catholic write that?

Mike:  What would Mother Angelica say?

Br. Bugnolo:  It was the equivalent of saying: If you let this man go, you are no friend of Caesar.  That’s the equivalent of it.

Mike:  Gosh, I hope people hung around to listen to this segment.  What you’re hearing, this conversation between Brother Alexis and I here – Brother is with Ordo Militaris.  He’s a Franciscan friar.  He wears the cassock and sandals and the whole nine yards.  He went to mass this morning, as he does every morning.  He went through his brevery and did all his orders and all that.  He’s too legit to quit.  With this conversation that you are hearing here – folks, when you sit out there and listen to this show or communicate with me – some of you still have some trepidation or some questions or mystery around: What happened to you, Mike?  You used to be all about history and politics and all that.  Then you took the stupid Catholic red pill.  Now you do this, that, and the other and blah, blah, blah.  You know what happened?  Truth happened, that’s what happened.

Like I tell people, Brother: Once the spigot gets turned on, there’s no off switch.  If there is an off switch, you’re going to wind up on a road to perdition you don’t want to be on.


I need to have a warning for people that start listening to this show.  If you just started listening to it, I’ve got to warn you.  Once that truth switch, once the serum kicks in, the serum of Christ’s truth, once it kicks in, you can’t stop it.  Then you wind up meeting people like Brother Andre.  You wind up meeting people – I’m blessed to meet people like Brother Andre.  I meet people like Brother Alexis.  I meet people like Sister Maria Philomena and the other sisters there.  I meet people like Doug Bersaw [ph].

Folks, this is how people used to talk.  What Brother and I are talking about, this is coffee talk.  This isn’t something that’s radical and far out and weird and wacky.  This is happening in a corner, in a café on the corner of the Champs-Elysses in 1788, right before the Tennis Court Agreement, or in Florence, Italy at a café having some cappuccino.  This is how people, this is what they talked about.  This is how they thought about life.  This is how perverted this paradigm that we live in is.  It sounds strange.  Brother, there’s nothing strange about it, to me anyway.  I’m like you.  I hear you talk and go:  Yeah, of course.  That’s the way you ought to do it.  Other people hear it and go: Wow, that’s really out there.  No, you’re really out there is the response.  Fortunately, in the modern world, we have to find some kind of accommodation here to where we can communicate with those people.

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Br. Bugnolo:  You hit the nail right on the head, Mike.  When Christ rose from the dead, humanity was recreated, as the fathers of the Church say.  That’s because with Christ’s resurrection, with his redemption – I was just watching Passion of the Christ last night.  It’s a movie you’ve really got to see over and over to remain faithful.  We now have the pledge that if we remain faithful we will live forever.  We are no longer just rational animals on the planet Earth.  We are immortal creatures that will never die.  If we remain faithful, we will never die.  As Christ promised: You who believe in me, you shall never know death.  Since we are immortal creatures, the vision we must have about all reality must be immortal and eternal.  We can’t see it in the same negative light.  That’s why the people who don’t believe, the progressive left, they’re obsessed with having sex any way they can get it because for them that’s all they have.

Mike:  That’s right.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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