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Caller Krystal: “God Wouldn’t Let Me Sleep After Choosing Abortion, So I Un-chose It”

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Mandeville, LA – The strangest thing happened during the middle of this phone call. The electricity turned off for a split second, long enough to restart all my electronics and disconnect the broadcast feed to/from XM. That’s not so strange but here is what is.  All of the computers used to broadcast and record the SiriusXM show are connected to battery backups in CASE a brownout occurs the batteries will seize the power line and immediately provide power but the batteries off too flashed too! The precise moment of the brownout is at 04:19 on the recording you will hear a high pitched clip right in the middle of Krystal saying “GOD would not let me sleep… I couldn’t go back to sleep.” What happened there remains a mystery but I remain convinced that Baphomet’s “wormwood” did his job to keep me from engaging Krystal on how God had intervened.

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  So we have clear, identifiable, easily identifiable instances of pure evil in our midst, women having abortions and filming them, boasting and bragging about them and saying: It’s a wonderful thing to happen.  I’m so glad I did it.  I’m so glad I filmed it.  Read Emily’s essay and convince yourself of that evil there, that ignorance that has been used — there used to be a term that the communists used to use called “useful idiots.”  I don’t know Emily so I’m not going to call her an idiot, but she most certainly is being used by demonic forces.  You have that and the idea that this satanic statue ought to be erected outside the statehouse in Oklahoma.  This, of course, has drawn a statement from Governor Mary Fallin saying: No way in hell will that statue ever find its way onto the lawn in Oklahoma City.

Then we have the other story from Greece, New York where the Supreme Court upheld the Grecians — I gest — the people of Greece, New York their right to pray before their legislative town council sessions begin.  [mocking] “Well, if I want to go to one of these meetings, I don’t want to have to sit through some babbling imbecile droning on about crap I don’t believe about.”  This, of course, is yet another example of — this would not have been an issue among a people that were at least attempting to pursue a graceful existence and trying to live by a certain moral code that had been handed down through the ages and certainly all through Christendom.  This wouldn’t have been an issue here.  Even the Jeffersons of the day would have quietly observed: All right, I’ll just be respectful and observe the invocation and then we’ll move onto business.  Fine.  It doesn’t mean that the legislature then has become a theocratic administration.  It just means there was an acknowledgement that there is a higher authority from which and under which all law must be measured.  It’s as simple as that.  Of course, in our elevated and evolved existence today, liberty and government and someone’s right to not be offended are all that need to be observed.  Don’t worry about offending God.  Screw him.  He can be offended.  He’ll get over it.  Really?

So we have all that on the docket today.  I also introduced you to some of the writings of Raoul Berger.  His book is called Government by Judiciary.  This, as it’s been characterized by Kevin Gutzman, is the best and greatest scholarly work on the 14th Amendment and the original intent of the U.S. Constitution ever written.  If we were to follow Berger and listen to what he concludes in his book, we would discover that the case that was heard by the Supreme Court over the prayer in Greece, New York would not have been and should not have been heard by the Supreme Court because they don’t have any authority over it.  Yet, the 14th Amendment has been used to what is called incorporate the first ten amendments for use against the states, and then to make legal the exact practice we’re talking about, abortion.  The 14th Amendment is the miracle amendment.  Berger proves that it was the pursuit and goal of the 39th Congress in drafting the 14th Amendment specifically to address racism against the Negro.  Krystal is in Florida next up on the Mike Church Show.  Krystal, how you doing?

Caller Krystal:  I have a comment about this woman. She would have to focus on herself instead of the procedure.  Let me rephrase this.  I teach middle school and high school girls and I counsel them about issues such as abortion.  When I was a little bit younger, I found myself in a position to where I was pressured into getting an abortion.  I did not get one but I called.  The lady over the phone told me I had to be six weeks.  They need to see the heartbeat in order to tell if the abortionists do a good job correctly.  Needless to say, I did not go through with it.  God would not let me sleep.  I could not sleep for two days.  I could not go through with it and thank God I didn’t.  I have a 12-year-old beautiful son now.  If you look up on YouTube, they actually have videos of abortions.  They rip these babies’ limbs off with the suction.  They literally rip the arms and legs off of the baby.  To get it out, they have to tear the head off the torso and then scrape the rest of the — I’m sorry I’m about to cry.  If you’ve ever seen this happen, you would not do it.  If you did do it, there’s definitely something wrong with you because it is murder.  It is murder.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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  1. I was listening when the lady caller called in and described the abortion process. I was driving and began crying. It was so moving. If I was ever undecided about this issue, I am not now. The power outage immediately after the call was curious, surely a coincidence, but curious nonetheless.

  2. Wil

    Sometimes I wonder how people who perform these crimes against humanity, God and nature, or who have had one performed and then relish and celebrate it can have souls. It makes me stop praying for myself and pray for them instead. I pray God has mercy on them because I do not thing I could.

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