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Church Doctrine

11 February 2016

The Cliven Bundy Saga: How Congress Snatched The Power To Claim Lands

A Founders Pass Audio Exclusive! Another way to put this point is that if Congress did have an original, implied power over all its Territories, there would be no need to include in the 13th Amendment the second instance where slavery was to be abolished i.e. “place[s] subject to their jurisdiction” and so that should be that.
09 October 2014

Suicide Prevents a Miracle

Ms Maynard is not “dying on her own terms”, she is dying on the terms dictated by the death druids of Oregon. Her death will guarantee more deaths and more suffering for all the wrong reasons, those are “terms” any society should reject. Besides, has no-one ever heard of “miracles?”
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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology