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Live of The Saints
In that enormous silence, tiny and unafraid, Comes up along a winding road the noise of the CRUSADE. Strong gongs groaning as the guns boom far, Don John of Manhattan™ is going to the war. – G.K. Chesterton Mandeville, LA – Some glorious history was made yesterday but it wasn’t an event most historians and...
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Mandeville, LA – The following are my comments delivered before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today on the 23nd Sunday after Pentecost and the feast of Saint Jude and Saint Simon and also the Feast of The Kingship of Christ. To those who say that Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world and, consequently,...
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UPDATED: For the feast of Saint Mary of Magdala, whose partial profile is below. Mandeville, LA – Today is one of those days on The Church calendar where we get perspective of the ancient and Divine origins of Christ’s Church and it’s teaching and tradition. Today is the feast day of Saint Mary Salome. The sculpture...
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Written By Mike Church. Special thanks to Gretchen Filz for her The Story of St. Ursula the Warrior Princess and her 11,000 Companions Mandeville, LA, 21 October, 2017 – The legend of Saint Ursula is one shrouded in mystery, uncertain facts and yet thrilling holiness. The old legend says that Ursula made a pilgrimage to Rome...
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Mandeville, LA – My grandmother was named Essie Pearl MARIE Gomez and later took her husband’s name to become Essie Pearl Peel. Grandma Pearl was the holiest person I ever knew who wasn’t a priest and she never stopped her devotions to the Blessed Mother until she was unable to because of her age and...
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Mandeville, LA – Tradition and Holy Scripture place Saint Martha in Our Lord’s public ministry, as the sister of Mary and Lazarus and as the subject of a Gospel teaching about prayer and works. “Now it came to pass as they went, that he entered into a certain town: and a certain woman named Martha, received...
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“The Day the REAL Music Died.” – Mike Church, Writer, Director, Narrator. UPDATE: Permission To Die will be released for On-Demand listening/downloading, Tuesday, July 24th and includes 4 minutes cut from the broadcast edition and the final versions of the original soundtrack. The download link is here! Mandeville, LA – Mike Church narrates the epic...
Read More (mike_church_preview): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSMandeville, LA – Today’s show could’ve been called The Mike Church Show-European Edition! Both Mike’s guests were in Europe, Michael Hesemann author of Mary of Nazareth called from Germany and Michael Hichborn of the LePanto Institute called from Rome...
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Mandeville, LA – St. Agnes was born around 290 in Rome and her story is one of the most cherished in all of the Roman Martyrologies. Her riches and beauty excited the young noblemen of the first families in Rome, to compete with each other in order to gain her hand in marriage. “You may stain...
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Mandeville, LA – It is one of the enduring urban legends of the Protestant revolt that Catholics are constantly sewing the seeds of disunity and are themselves in schism from the “real church”. Reverse that charge and put it in correct order and divine the Truth: Catholics are members of the universal Church and are...
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