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The most popular page on the site, the daily Pile of Prep gets you up to date on all the [r]epublican news Mike is using for that days radio show on SiriusXM. Mixed in with Mike’s commentary and now featuring Founders Pass Members Only additions, the Pile of Prep is your one stop source for Mike Church’s unique and historical insight into the events of our time.

Romney:Allegations against Cain are NOW serious- I wonder if Mr. Cain willstill cite "Governor Ruhmknee" as his most fave of all fave politicos!? AmConMag:The Penn State assistant coaches bear as much moral culpability as theperp does if they witnessed what went on and said or did nothing Just how crazy would it be to start...
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Oh cry me a river WaPo for those underpaid, toiling in obscurity and without thanks, federal bureaucrats HaleyBarbour tells Herman Cain to fess up because he is tired of answeringquestions about "anonymous, oops I mean not so anonymous allegations"(say "bimbo eruptions" Haley!) Want change in the federal Leviathan? Then bribe the geezers to go along...
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RonPaul wins Illinois straw Poll but does not get any press coverage -Cain eats Dominoes Artisan Pizza and receives front page headline This story about the Illinois Straw Poll does not even mention Paul or that he won it! Attn:All Rubio, McCain, Graham and DeceptiCON fans in general-your new "Arabspring" buddies in Libya are decidedly...
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AUDIO EXCLUSIVE-The Mike Church Show, Mandeville,LA -Debbie Schlussel reviews Harold & Kummar’s Very 3d Christmas and gives it4 Marxes, a bin Laden and an Obama. Mike Church for his part lays the gauntlet down in this clip "If you watch this film, buy it, rent it at Netflix, laugh while someone retells the humor theyfound...
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  Looking for an older story? Visit the Pile of Prep Archives – Over 2 years of archived links from the Mike Church Show The Southern Avenger – TPaw: a man for al (war) seasons MSNBC host is setup by Libtards on his crew and then forced to apologize for calling Obama "a d*ck" Now...
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Tom Woods: Life without the Feds (will not be so bad!) Boehner’s office crows about the “bigest spending cut in American history” and therein lies the problem! Mark Steyn: The end of AMerica as we know it (along with Medicare) From Billions to TRILLIONS in cuts claims Paul Ryan in this weeks Re[ublican radio address...
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Sara Palin launches the smartest phase of her career by taking on Ben Bernyankme and the out of control criminal enterprise know as "The Fed" Chris Christie-DeceptiCON colors finally emerge in endorsement of Mike Castle and analysis of Delaware’s Senaterace Mayor Adolf Dumberg doesn’t like the fact that many of you people kicked the "experts"out...
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HomebuilderConfidence at 2 1/2 Year High Yet Still in the Gutter; Huckster Hype Returns toLas Vegas Homebuilderconfidence at 2-1/2 year high in May-NY Slimes Whois Michael Posner, and why is he apologizing to China?
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