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Contraception Kills – Science backs up God’s justified anger – The Mike Church Show

The “Contraception Kills Diaries”, Episode 7,726 –  The evidence continues to mount that contraception is the handmaiden to abortion and is as deadly as abortion too. In contracepting human life, we make the conscious decision to defy God’s will and His plan for us, an act against nature. Just like any other act against nature e.g. sodomy, the consequences are grave. Put another way, if you tell God to go pound sand and take his revealed plan for the marital act with you, he will get angry, as he should. Now comes the science that backs up God’s justified anger.

Among women who used hormonal contraceptives currently or recently, the risk of attempting suicide was nearly double that of women who had never used contraceptives. The risk was triple for suicide. The patch was linked to the highest risk of suicide attempts, followed by IUD, the vaginal ring and then pills.

Kelsey Harkness puts the pedal to the metal in her examination of this trend and notes that over half (53%) of teenaged girls in ‘Muricah are on the pill. Question: how did that happen and what might mom and dad be doing that sets the example for the girls to follow? Wanna get the Order corrected? Start where you can make an impact and explain contraception to you “pro-life,” Ortho Novum popping friends.

The “Contraception Kills Diaries:, Episode 7,727 – If you want to see what happens when a society places its faith in being industrial, sexual and in defiance of God’s will as detailed above, look no farther than the crumbling civilization of Japan; home to world’s most  austere fertility rate and also home to the real Walking Dead. As the NY Times chronicles in a major piece for their weekend editions, Japan will not see another “Rising Sun”.

The huge government apartment complex where Mrs. Ito has lived for nearly 60 years — one of the biggest in Japan, a monument to the nation’s postwar baby boom and aspirations for a modern, American way of life — suddenly became known for something else entirely: the “lonely deaths” of the world’s most rapidly aging society. “4,000 lonely deaths a week,” estimated the cover of a popular weekly magazine this summer, capturing the national alarm.

Read it if you have the stomach for learning about 84 year old men who live in their own 200 sq foot apartments, die and aren’t discovered for 3 years.

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