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DeceptiCONS to Glenn Greenwald “To the Gulag With You, You…You …Journalist!”

RTI-Directors-edition-THUMBMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest NSA revelations plus Peter King’s threat to Glenn Greenwald for doing his job plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Joy cometh in the morning! Let us proclaim a conservatism of joy, gratitude, and love. Let us proclaim a passion for the true, the good and the beautiful. Let us be true conservatives, conservators of all that is worthy of conserving. And yes, let there be dancing, praise, gladness, laughter and joy. Shouldn’t conservators rejoice in the grand heritage they’ve inherited to share with the next generation? At The Imaginative Conservative we say ‘Yes.’ “ – Winston Elliott III, Address to the group I am privileged to belong to The Academy of Philosophy & Letters

DeceptiCANNED – DeceptiCON and perpetual war wager in chief Peter King wants Glenn Greenwald to pay for his crimes of journalism and, well you know, he knows the names of CIA agents and stuff. Never mind that tens of thousands of government employees know the same names, because Greenwald poses a threat to perpetual warfare, he must be silenced

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George Will: IRS’s Lois Lerner is “The scowling face of the state”. Ms Lerner is exactly the kind of oligarchical tyrant John taylor of Caroline warned about in his “Tyranny unmasked” book that accurately predicted the  sad, corrupt future of the American government.

VIDEO: Edward Snowden in Greenwald interview makes a compelling case for blowing the lid off of these criminal acts perpetrated by our majesterial menace of a government. “I am willing to go on record…This is the truth, this is what’s happening you should decide whether we need to be doing this” At 10:15 “If I had just wanted to harm the U.S. I could have.”

NSA employs some super cyber sleuth titled “Boundless Informant” as their go to hack for acquiring billions of pieces of data all at once to process where the bad guys might be stalking the innocent (or so sayeth the spooks)

FLASHBACK: über DeceptiCON Sean Hannity was once the loudest spokesman for the NSA Surveillance State, berating Obama supporters for questioning the “undeniable success of these techniques” but NOW Hannity has ingested a Jefferson [r]ed pill and discovered this thing called “The Constitution” and it’s “4th Amendment”

Are secrecy and self-government compatible? Are there things that your local city council should know, that ONLY they should know? Name one? Where the keys to the nuke shelter for the mayor and emergency personnel are?

“Oh Lord it’s hard to be frugal, when your cashless in every way. And I can’t help but look to Discover, cause it gets better interest each day…” New studies show that the more credit/.plastic/debit you use, the more money you don’t have you spend

John taylor of Caroline’s Masterpiece

TIC (Birzer Effect warning) Winston Elliott III wants to elevate your “conservatism” credentials to the thoughtful, love inspired world of defending beautiful things and not simply wasting days/weeks/years and decades pining for political salvation that only He can deliver.

It’s all fun and games when Libtardians wax on about the petulance of the American Sheople when it comes to privacy and how it is regarded as no big deal when the NSA culls your personal life’s data but it it is precisely this dismissal of the seriousness that poses the risk. Today your phone calls stored tomorrow your phone call contents used to ticket you bor tax you like those “harmless traffic cameras” we were told to ignore.

Will Southern Baptists bail on the Boy Scouts as they principally should or will they buickle to the inevitable shrieks of “bigot…homophobe!”?

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