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Demand Your Catholic Elected officials Defend Christ’s Marriage Teaching & You

Mandeville, LA – Wisdom Wednesday co-host read the SCOTUS declaration of all-out war on Christianity with its “gay” marriage ruling and sprang into action. I encourage you to use this letter as a template to send to EVERY elected Catholic  you know and demand a commitment/answer. If the Catholics and Christians in government falter in any way, you and I and ours will pay for it in a persecution not seen since Queen Elizabeth used spies to identify “underground” Catholics so they could be forced to convert to Lutheranism (the Church of England at the time) or face execution by cruel and horrible deaths if they refused. This is HERE folks, not around the corner, HERE, prepare.

Dear Warren:

Hello, I hope you are well. Unfortunately, our country is not and I am writing to you to ask your help in the battle for our nation’s soul.

Andrew Jackson is reputed to have said of a Supreme Court decision with which he disagreed: “[Chief Justice] John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” In other words, the president was proclaiming open defiance to the Supreme Court. Would that we had such a president today?!?

But we do not. Rather, the average citizen like me can not rely on heads of state (or any lesser executive) to uphold morality in the face of radicalized public opinion. We are left to appeal to those authorities closest to us who may respond to our concerns and defend us (and themselves) from the abuse of reason and morality, to say nothing of legality, that is turning our free society into a mob-ocracy.

Very soon, Warren, you will be called upon to prosecute a fellow Church-goer for violating the “rights” of another citizen. In short, you will be asked to violate your own conscience and the conscience of the “perpetrator” by enforcing an immoral Supreme Court decision. I am writing you to ask that you say flatly, openly and loudly that “The Supreme Court has made its decision, now let them enforce it.”

When the government insists that we violate our consciences, they have gone too far. It will do us no good to wait around and see if it happens to us. It already has. I beg you therefore to join with as many leaders as you can and insist that you will uphold God’s law over the “law” of man.

I, of course, will gladly stand with you. Let me know how I can help you. But please let me know what you intend to do about this travesty.

God bless you in this time of great trial,

David Simpson

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