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Demoncrats: The “Monarchy” of King Orange Man Bad Must Be Stopped!

Demoncrats: The “Monarchy” of King Orange Man Bad Must Be Stopped! Listen to This Entire Episode of The Mike Church Show.

Shampeachment Reaches Peak Idiocy As Fat Jerry’s Committee Devolves Into A Bernie Campaign Rally. Yesterday the Demoncrats summoned their big academic guns to Capitol Hill to deal the death blow to evil “Monarchy” of King Orange Man Bad and prove once and for all that if James Madison were still alive he would personally remove Trump from office then take him into the woods and hang him for good measure.

The “constitutional” experts summoned know as much about “original intent” as they know about praying rosaries in Latin. The height of imbecility and #Fakenews was this exchange where it was asserted that Kings acted with omnipotent, lethal impunity to the detriment of millions who were maimed and killed in their evil and the “Monarchy” of King Orange Man Bad is instituting this on our shores and he must be stopped by… you guessed it: IMPEACHMENT!!!

Brion McClanahan is an actual Constitution Scholar and co-author of my 2012 book Is Davis A Traitor. Here’s our destruction of this argument.

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