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Download James K Polk-Declaration of War With Mexico

Click to download Your copy of this special, Founders Pass compilation of Polk's famous speech to Congress
Click to download Your copy of this special, Founders Pass compilation of Polk’s famous speech to Congress

Mandeville, LA – On the Wednesday, 10 September, 2014 Mike Church Show, I discussed whether or not President Obama had the power, under the Constitution, to wage offensive war against an “enemy” in a foreign country, without Congress’s approval; he does NOT. As proof to back up this claim, I relied on James K Polk’s message to Congress of 1846. “To the Congress of the United States. a special message calling for a declaration of war against Mexico.” In this message, Polk informs Congress that their previous authorization for action against Mexico had encountered a change in conditions, and therefore, General Zachary Taylor needed an expanded authorization from Congress for President Polk to implement and command.

“A volunteer force is beyond question more efficient than any other description of citizen soldiers, and it is not to be doubted that a number far beyond that required would readily rush to the field upon the call of their country. I further recommend that a liberal provision be made for sustaining our entire military force and furnishing it with supplies and munitions of war. The most energetic and prompt measures and the immediate appearance in arms or a large and overpowering force are recommended to Congress as the most certain and efficient means of bringing the existing collision with Mexico to a speedy and successful termination.”- James K Polk


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