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Englands Biggest Biggot: Caroline Farrow – Interview Mike Church Show

Special Guest Caroline Farrow

Follow Caroline here: @CF_Farrow, LifeSite News, National Catholic Register, and Crux

  • He pretended to transition, he beat all the females in the world weightlifting class and then decided NOT to transition. So basically he cheated the Tranny World.
  • This is why English people are being vocal about this.
  • You cannot change your SEX! We all know this deep down.
  • When America sneezes Britain catches a cold.
  • The UK seems to be leading the trend on this transgender stuff. The GOOD news is the tide is changing. We are realizing the madness.
  • The Muslims do NOT like the homosexual agenda.
  • We get to see the Left absolutely eat themselves!
  • Most of the parent body are Muslims and the headmaster is openly homosexual.
  • He is teaching 5 and 6 year olds LOVE is LOVE and the Muslim parents are losing their minds over it. They are actually quoting parts of Catholicism when protesting this.
  • This is when pluralism can work.
  • The Guardian really doesn’t do facts –
  • If this were Christians protesting this school we would have every entity printing the Christian Crazed Right but b/c it is Muslims, we don’t hear anything about it.
  • I wish the Catholic parents would have the same backbone to do exactly the same as these Muslim parents.
  • I am just outside of London.
  • The state now wants to come after homeschoolers now.
  • The 4 Temperaments – Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic

ReConquest Episode 72 Brother Andre Marie and special guest Sister Philomena explain the 4 temperaments.

  • Public schools have become like a sausage factory.
  • Mentioned his real name and the fact he had a criminal record.
  • They are still examining her computer all b/c she told the truth about this transgender guy.
  • He had this mother of two arrested for simply stating the facts about this man.
  • Book Reference: “Get Out Now” by Mary Rice Hasson
  • There are two very active lobby groups that lobby for transitioning children.
  • They are dealing with this problem in the UK and researching whether or not these puberty blockers are good or bad for the children.
  • Jazz Jennings
  • These parents give their young boys puberty blockers then when they decide they want to stay a male, they end up with micro penises. This is mutilation!
  • BREXIT – none of our leaders had any intention of voting that way.
  • Do you want to stay in the European Union or do you not? It is a simple vote.
  • It didn’t have terms, it was a YES or NO vote. Our leaders will not accept the vote from the public however.
  • Not all sex b/w adults and children is abusive and unwanted. – He tried to explain how ‘pure’ it could be etc.
  • PDA – public displays of affection
  • Young children are always grossed out when they see someone kissing. That is NATURAL behavior. They don’t see two men kissing and say…AW love is love!
  • Straight men seeing two men kissing have the same physiological response as seeing a bucket of maggots.
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